A plea for intervention

One of our regular readers posted this on SOLO.

For those poor sods who live in North Korea

The new swines at the top have reiterated their policy that three generations of the family of anyone who tries to escape the godforsaken cesspit gulag of a country, be punished, and for border guards to shoot any such escapees on sight. And then Fatboy decrees today that the population must support his lavish lifestyle on their starving lives and they should form a human shield to protect him.

It is obviously no violation of the non-initiation of force principle for any free country to send in the equivalent of a Navy Seal, or SAS team, such as the one that took out Bin Laden, to take out Fatboy, then keep shooting the prick who swills to the top until tyranny gets the message and buggers off.

If I were a North Korean, I would be pleading every civilised country for such a worthy intervention.

Why have we forsaken the poor souls who live in North Korea?

One thought on “A plea for intervention”

  1. Be assured, the system can only crumble from within given it is such a totalitarian state – beyond your nightmares. The best strategy so far has been balloon drops of radios so the people can listen to foreign broadcasts (locally made radios are designed to not be tuned – just fixed on local frequencies), and the distribution of DVDs and CDs through the black market.

    There is a substantive number in the ruling classes keen on reform, keen on the Chinese approach – Kim Jong Un has little real support, he is being kept there to provide a peaceful transition. The bigger question is whether his aunt and uncle seek reform as they are the real sources of power (being Kim Jong Il’s sister and brother in law).

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