Could you really do a better job of it?

Life is pretty intense. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are stupendious! Listening to the tune ‘Return to innocence’ by Enigma I was thinking about How life is for us frail creatures, Naked and exposed to reality as we are. I was thinking Why did God make it/ allow it to go this way, and wondered to myself that If God Offered to change the world to the way I think it ought to be… would I accept his offer? And what would be the result of life in ‘Tims perfect world’? I then realised that the wise course would be to decline the offer and have Faith that God actually knows what he is doing … that no matter what I might think, He knows better than I. The truth is all our values are baced upon reality as it is. Ie they are based upon our finite lifespan, Our Moral dilemmas which we must navigate, etc and it is by these seaming problems and weaknesses that we see life and Human individuals as precious… that every minute ought to be treasured and put to Good purpose. Thus I realise all the Bleating by unbelievers against the way this world functions are but childish and vain. They act as if they are wiser and more moral than the Almighty and that he stands convicted of Sin in *Their court*. Could there be anything more vain? The world is such that Greatness is required. Having a vision. Keeping Faith in what is right…and stepping up… when everyone else steps back … in the face of adversity. This is the High road… Steep and perilous, walked only by the lovers of good, and the brave of heart. The Low road is for the slothful and wicked, The hipocrites and the lovers of darkness and oppression. I disagree with Voltaire’s argument that this is “The best of all possible Worlds” yet still trust that God knows what he is doing by allowing sin and the curse to run its course. Amen.
Tim Wikiriwhi.

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