The Green Manalishi.

Ever been attacked by an Evil Entity? I have. When I was 17 years old, living in a shed in the middle of Winter I experienced an Entity Attack.
I awoke in the middle of the night to to a feeling of dread. Paralyzed by the terror of an overwhelming Evil presence…I could not even cry out for help. Next It felt like the Being was trying to Possess me by putting its arms inside my arms and its legs inside my legs…putting me on like a suit… then it vanished. I was not a Christian at the time yet the experience bothered me deeply. I didnt talk about it that much. Some people say they had herd that it was a ‘sleep dysfunction’… ie ‘Rational folk’ write off all supernatural experiences as a form of ‘psychosis’.
As a Materialist myself at the time, I most likely chose to accept this non-supernatural interpretation of the event, and quickly forgot about it until Last night Sky TV did a show on the subject. ‘It’ has a name… The Entity Attack Phenomena. And On that show they estimated as many as 30% of all people have experienced it.
Now This interests me because this is a typical example of a real phenomena…possibly a legitimate spiritual experience which is automatically disclaimed by the materialist community as delusional because to admit they are real spiritual events explodes their Materialism to pieces.
Another interesting topic which correlates to this is the Near Death Experience. It has also been experienced by hundreds of people, yet again is written off as delusional by Materialists.

I became a Christian about a year after this experience, I don’t remember it being a factor in my conversion, yet today I do take comfort in the Christian truth that Christ is greater than any demonic Spirit. I still Battle devils in my sleep… as a soldier for Christ.

I am bloging this both to put this freaky experience into the Debating Arena, and fishing for any comments from others whom may have experienced this ‘Entity Attack’, or had a Near Death Experience, or some other Trippy Shit happen to them?
I have a relative whom it was said that he had a ‘Makatu’ hex put on him
Now He is an atheist and struggles to explain what He experienced. He does not talk about it. I asked him… “Do you believe in ghosts? He said ” No!…But Ive seen one…”
He had to get a moari spiritualist to remove it… yet he still maintains his atheism because Spiritualism scares him too much… He must rationalise away his experience via Naturalist sophistry.

Here is a link to an article on this ‘Entity Attack Phenomena”

Here is another one on Incubus and Succubus:

Update: 23-7-12.
It appears This Satanic Being is murderous!
I just caught the end of a weird TV show ‘A Thousand ways to die’.
I told story about a Hot Chick who suffered regular ‘Nightmares’ in which she would be attacked/ strangled by a An Evil Dwarf-ish being. It Killed her! She died in her Sleep… from a heart attack.
The show said she was just one of hundreds of reported cases of of SUNDS… Sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome

Disclaimer: I am not an anti-science Mystic. I am anti-pseudo science. I call for higher standards and greater scientific rigor.
As a Christian, I still endorse the Laws of Physics, and look for natural mechanisms and explanations for phenomena yet also believe not everything in existence, and experience is explainable via materialistic causes and effects… *that is the primary assumption of the atheist Materialist*, which blinds their minds and makes then incapable of conceiving anything is evidence of the supernatural.
They are trapped in their own circular thinking. A prison of their own device.
This is the mindset that writes off everything as delusional which does not fit well with their Godless conception of reality.
Tim Wikiriwhi.

14 thoughts on “The Green Manalishi.”

  1. I wish I had more time to read your blog..really like the topics you talk about.
    I have never had anything like this happen to me..but find all this stuff extremely interesting. And should be talked about more. I have spent time in PNG and Fiji where all this type of stuff happens all the time and very common.
    Have a girl friend in Fiji who has told me that it has happened to her lots of times..and demons wanting to have sex with her. Very freaky for me..but she talks about it as though its not that unusual.
    The only powerful spiritual experience I have had was in a dream in which at the end of it I was fulled with the Holy Spirit..changed my life forever. I tasted heaven and what it will be like etc.
    I watched a video of Beyonce called “Sweet Dreams” think you will know it. But watched it and on the video with subtitles explaining from the lyrics and video that it is Satanic and shows what your talking about. And from what I have seen she and JZee are satanist and or Freemasons. Pretty evil stuff.
    Might find the link for you… internets on go slow..but you will find it easy on google.

  2. Was I content to own Judas Priest’s Killing Machine album? No! I had to get the U.S. edition of the album, called Hell Bent For Leather. It has a bonus track … The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown).

    I love Judas Priest from the NWOBHM era. But the Fleetwood Mac version of the song (above) is much better than this. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

  3. Once I had an erotic dream in which the woman with whom I was having sex suddenly took on the appearance of a demon, so terrifying to behold that I immediately woke up. That was my one and only encounter with a succubus.

  4. I was ‘awake’ when I experienced my attack.
    Thanks for your reply Gerard… sorry about the very late responce. Your stories are very interesting!

  5. Apart from seeing a halo around someone’s head once, I have very, very strongly sensed the presence of spirits twice in my life. But also, one night, a few years ago, completely out of the blue, I was lying in bed with my eyes closed, still wide awake. Suddenly I was looking at a man, not in my imagination, I was actually looking at him, but from an eye positioned just above my nose in between my eyebrows. I was seeing from a third eye. It was real. The man was just lying there, dead yet not dead. So he was dead, yet alive at the same time. His eyes were half open.

    That is all. It went on for about ten seconds and then he disappeared.

    Very strange!

  6. Thanks for sharing your macabre ‘experience’ Karen. My wrote this Blogpost to see how many visitors have had ‘Bizarre’ experiences, and also to contemplate how people deal with them when they occur.
    Do they tend to interpret them in accordance with their established beliefs?
    Or are these Experiences powerful enough to make them modify their beliefs?
    Are People willing to share their experiences with others?
    It is easy to understand why some people who may have read this post and have experienced something ‘weird’, yet may still choose to keep it under their hat.
    I am hinting at the ‘social pressures’ that may work to in some cases ‘encourage’ discussion, and in other cases tend to work as a ‘conspiracy of silence’.
    I have no idea how many people have read this post yet I find it interesting that no one so far has bothered to express a dogmatic naturalistic verdict. (Have we so offended the sencitivities of our atheist friends to the point where few even bother to visit our blog?)
    That People have actually *Died* from experiencing such ‘events’ make this subject even more strange!
    As I said in my story… I was an ardent atheist who did not believe in any sort of Supernatural reality, and yet my experience paralyzed me with terror, and so it cannot be said that my fear came for an already ‘conditioned’ belief in the reality of devils etc. and I did my best to forget about it as quickly as possible… which I succeeded in doing… as that was probably the only way I could think about dealing with the issue.
    Some people’s experiences have obviously been so scary as to make them have a heart attack and die!
    It would be interesting to get the ‘story’ of a ‘sleep expert’, and hear what interpretation they would give… their interpretation of ‘brain scans’ etc of sufferers undergoing clinical observations. I would expect many such credentialed ‘experts’ to parrot their Naturalistic/ schooled explanations , and I would love to see if I could expose their assumptions, or whether I could be convinced what I experienced is indeed best explained as ‘a sleep disorder’ or dream. And then this subject could move into the very far out realms of ‘Demon Possession’ and wonder how strong a case can be presented that such things really do happen today. I have seen some very ‘freaky’ testimonies by people who swear these things happen.
    My experience came very close to this… yet does it constitute proof?

  7. A ‘Succubus’ Richard? Interesting. ‘Just a dream’? Had you been watching any horror movies, or thinking about Demons in the days previous?
    I ask because often after having a weird dream I realise that it was ‘generated’ by things i had been thinking about in the days prior.
    Or was this ‘experience’ a bit like the one i had… a complete bolt from the Blue and so not so easily explained away?

  8. Tim, I studied the occult when I was a teenager. So, when I had the experience I recounted above, I recognised it for what it was. But it happened some years later, completely out of the blue.

  9. As you know today I described an event in my life that you would describe as an entity attack. As far as I know I count can events like this in my life on just one hand, and off the top of my head only twice.

    I’ve read this story today, and other peoples stories too, including a couple of people who claim that these type of ‘attacks’ are very frequent, to the point where they are a natural and accepted phenomena in their lives.

    This leads me to ask many questions: what is the difference between me and these people? Is it just that they have attracted more entities? Or is it that I repel mine? Is there the same amount of entities accessible to all, and do we all have varying levels of defence against them? Or is it more about WHO the entities wish to visit, and why have so few visited me (at least as far as I remember) ? What does it truly mean about me and my having very few experiences in this arena?

    I am considering your thoughts here Tim, about materialism and the associated denial. So it makes me wonder if I am so materialistic that I am insensitive to the entities, even though I normally regard myself as open to learning about spiritual things. Maybe I’m not really spiritual… Maybe I just wish I was. Then the materialism in me is really only addicted to the information about such things, rather than to experience true experience in the realm.

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