Furtive Friday

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Since 17 November 2010, to be exact. (You think I have a memory like an elephant? You should see my database.)

I dedicate this to a frequently furtive fellow freedom-fighter and friend. Why frequently furtive? Because, when you’re taking on the faceless forces of the grey ones, shining a light, Christ-like, in dark places where scuttling Statists sleeplessly scheme to grind our God-given rights into the barren dirt of despotism, anonymity is never a bad idea. (My friend is also no stranger to alliteration.)

This is one of my favourite tracks by legendary Canadian deathcore band Despised Icon. Did I already mention that Despised Icon is the best thing since Slayer? I did.

I expect my friend won’t appreciate the music much, although the anguish in the vocals matches the often anguished tone of his blog posts. But it is the accompanying video which reminds me of him. The man in the video is being pursued. Pursued by whom or by what? By person or persons, entity or entities, unknown. But the IRD is a pretty good guess. Although I suppose it could be his own personal demons. Maybe even the Big G? Well, how does it all end? In victory or submission? Or both? With an enigmatic smile.

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