One thought on “Islamic Cleric Against Religious Extremism”

  1. This is an informitive video.
    He makes many interesting and valid observations about the West.
    He falls woefully short on what a Libertarian would hope for.
    He clearly believes the can be no separation of Religion and State…yet from his insistence that he does not need to impose his veiws… he contradicts this and gives hope that Muslims could co-exist with non-muslums in peace under a Libertarian Government… they would simply label the Government… ‘An unbelievers State’… thus it would not be the State they would think is Ideal… yet if he truly means what he says …that he does not need to ‘impose his veiws’… as long as he is free to maintain his own veiw… and not be forced to ‘Like’ Homosexuals etc… then that is compatible with Libertarian Religious liberty.
    Islam is obviously very Legalistic, and it is this factor that threatens to make it incompatible with a Free society. I would hope that is not the final word on the matter.

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