Just Bugger Off!

It has been suggested that advocating gay marriage legislation is libertarian. It’s not. Advocating gay marriage legislation is about imposing your morals on to others.

For those that think that advocating gay marriage is libertarian I have a question… what are homo couples being denied if government doesn’t legislate regarding same sex marriages?

It has been said if you don’t want gay marriage don’t have one – to that I say – just bugger off!

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  1. Advocating gay marriage legislation is about imposing your morals on to others.

    How is advocating gay marriage legislation an imposition on others?

    what are homo couples being denied if government doesn’t legislate regarding same sex marriages?

    Adoption rights? Recognition of marriage in overseas jurisdictions?

  2. I think homosexuality is a perversion, yet dont oppose Homos getting legally married. That does not compromise me at all. I am still free to maintain my personal opinion.
    God is not mocked either. He will judge all things in his good time.
    I am to live in peace with my neighbours in liberty and equality, not impose my values on them via the State.

  3. Bless you, Tim, you are a true libertarian! I don’t think homosexuality is a perversion, and I don’t think Jesus did, either. Otherwise, I entirely agree with your comment.

    (Jesus said, “For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.” Arguably, “eunuchs who were born that way” refers to homosexuals.)

  4. There’s been at least 30 years of propaganda regarding homosexuality so I am going to change the subject to polygamy 🙂 – polygamy should suffice because it is a type of marriage that some consider to be immoral.

    I think polygamy shouldn’t be illegal. Yet, if people were advocating polygamy condoning legislation then I would say that they were behaving in an unlibertarian manner. They would be seeking to force acceptance from society.

    If polygamy weren’t illegal then… what would polygamist groups be being denied if government didn’t legislate regarding polygamous marriages?
    Adoption rights?
    There’s no such thing. Adoption according to me… the biological parents or next of kin should decide who becomes a child’s guardians. If there is no next of kin then the state should put the child into the best guardianship they can find for the child’s well being. Where would polygamy legislation enter this equation?
    Recognition of marriage in overseas jurisdictions?
    This would be an unlibertarian aspect of any such legislation.

  5. Let me say Richard that though I believe Homosexuality to be a perversion, that I make no claims to personal ‘sexual purity’ myself, being guilty as I am of many perverse sexual appetites, and having committed Adultery, and fornication, etc on countless occasions. Thus I am in no position to wave a finger at anyone on this count. And so I don’t do so. I merely point out that People are committing sins… and confess that I am no better. Ie I make the point that Homosexuality is wrong as *an Objective statement*… not that I pretend to stand on any higher ground myself… for I stand condemned also.
    Thus I am humbled by my own sinfulness, and have compassion for Homosexuals, and hope they find Salvation in Christ as I have done…
    I want them to know the Grace of God…
    yet to receive Christ we must first confess that we are sinners whom Need Christ, and so By Identifying Homosexuality as sinful, as is fornication and adultery, I am hopping to expose their need for Christ. They can be saved. The trouble is many of them (Like other heterosexual sinners) don’t want to admit they are sexually perverted, thus they despise Christianity and Christ… and cut themselves off from Salvation because they cannot be objective thus they are incapible of admitting their own sinfulness.
    That Homosexuality is a perversion is one of the most basic and simple truths, and that Mankind practices it is a definitive proof of our Fallen Nature… evidence of Adams fall.

  6. Reed,
    In a free society Peaceful Adults have the right to Freedom of association, and to enter into contracts, thus Polygamy cannot be outlawed.
    However, If you are a libertarian who holds the values that Woman are Equal with Men, then If you think it’s ok for you to have more than one wife, then it must also be ok for your wife to have more than one husband… and do you really wanna share your wife with some other Man?
    I dont. Therefore I am committed to Monogamy as being the Ideal, and would not Marry a woman who did not share this value.

  7. thanks Reed,
    Self righteousness is a form of blindness.
    I have no desire to ‘fake’ piety like the “Whited Sepulchres”.
    My Christian testimony is God saves by Grace…. Christ died for sinners…like me.

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