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  1. Yes They are. I have always said that if the Earth was like the Moon… a dusty rock… then I too would believe in Materialism, because the i know the blind forces of nature *can* construct such phenomena.
    Atheism is the ultimate blindness to reality because they are themselves *as living beings* the very evidence of the Creatorā€¦ the existence of which they claim there is no proof.
    Computors donā€™t love either Richardā€¦ though you can make the sayā€¦ ā€œI wuv you!ā€

  2. No Richard, complex arrangements of matter donā€™t move out of inanimate physical reality into the spiritual realm… A motor is not ā€˜aliveā€™ā€¦they simply complex ā€˜rocksā€™ that can not be produced by blind/random natual forces and fortuitous accidents.
    You cannot get blood from a stone… neither can you distill love, or consciousness from Hydrogen, Helium, Beryllium, Boron,… *This is a Scientific fact of our age* The Idea that you can Animate Matter is pure fantasy… *not science* dispite all the bogus rubbish that parades itself in white overcoats. It is the whim of the Godless.
    *Get this through your head* We are not the product of a settling Dust cloud generated by a giant explosion* That is a fantastic myth.

  3. Get this through *your* head, Tim. You’re a human bio-computer. God made you that way! Yes, it’s absurd. Yes, it’s nothing short of a miracle! A miracle? From God? Who’d have thought?!

  4. I am glad you appreciate the absurdity of your materialist position in believing a computer can become conscious and start ‘caring’ rather than merely continuing its blind causal physical law bound nature. A ‘Bio-Computor’… if it is assumed to be merely a super complex assembly of matter is still just a computer… but the folly is evidenced in the sheer magnitude of the assumption.
    I have said in the past that with Nano technology it may soon be possible to mimic lifeā€¦ lets say make a bird that looks like a real bird which flies, eats, has sex etcā€¦ yet it will not be *Alive*. It will be a sophisticated mimic that may fool the most sharp un aided observationā€¦ Ie it may look and act as if it is aliveā€¦ yet it will be as dead inside as a wind up toyā€¦ Dead Matter cannot ā€˜thinkā€™
    ā€¦ cannot become aware of its own existences, etc. Rocks are atheists.

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