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  1. Yes They are. I have always said that if the Earth was like the Moon… a dusty rock… then I too would believe in Materialism, because the i know the blind forces of nature *can* construct such phenomena.
    Atheism is the ultimate blindness to reality because they are themselves *as living beings* the very evidence of the Creator… the existence of which they claim there is no proof.
    Computors don’t love either Richard… though you can make the say… “I wuv you!”

  2. No Richard, complex arrangements of matter don’t move out of inanimate physical reality into the spiritual realm… A motor is not ‘alive’…they simply complex ‘rocks’ that can not be produced by blind/random natual forces and fortuitous accidents.
    You cannot get blood from a stone… neither can you distill love, or consciousness from Hydrogen, Helium, Beryllium, Boron,… *This is a Scientific fact of our age* The Idea that you can Animate Matter is pure fantasy… *not science* dispite all the bogus rubbish that parades itself in white overcoats. It is the whim of the Godless.
    *Get this through your head* We are not the product of a settling Dust cloud generated by a giant explosion* That is a fantastic myth.

  3. Get this through *your* head, Tim. You’re a human bio-computer. God made you that way! Yes, it’s absurd. Yes, it’s nothing short of a miracle! A miracle? From God? Who’d have thought?!

  4. I am glad you appreciate the absurdity of your materialist position in believing a computer can become conscious and start ‘caring’ rather than merely continuing its blind causal physical law bound nature. A ‘Bio-Computor’… if it is assumed to be merely a super complex assembly of matter is still just a computer… but the folly is evidenced in the sheer magnitude of the assumption.
    I have said in the past that with Nano technology it may soon be possible to mimic life… lets say make a bird that looks like a real bird which flies, eats, has sex etc… yet it will not be *Alive*. It will be a sophisticated mimic that may fool the most sharp un aided observation… Ie it may look and act as if it is alive… yet it will be as dead inside as a wind up toy… Dead Matter cannot ‘think’
    … cannot become aware of its own existences, etc. Rocks are atheists.

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