Peter Dunne = EPIC FAIL

Quarter past midnight. Central Wellington. Cosmic Corner is OPEN.

“Do you have any synthetic cannabinoids?”


“That haven’t been banned yet?”

“Yes. We have …”

Puff is “mellow.”

K2 is “stronger, lasts longer.” Of the two, I’m told K2 is the most popular.

“It’s $30. Two grams.”

“I’ll buy it. Thank you.”

Yes, I know. If I had any sense, I’d smoke cannabis. Not some novel compound with no history of human use sprayed on some unidentified plant material.

If Peter Dunne had any sense—or even an iota of compassion—he’d legalise cannabis. As a recreational drug user, I have choices. Medicinal cannabis users do not. I’m sick of Dunne, and I’m sick of his gang of thugs who are now actively persecuting members of the medicinal cannabis support group Green Cross, including Billy McKee and Stephen McIntyre (recently deceased).

Just go the hell away, Peter Dunne. Now. And don’t fucking come back.

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3 thoughts on “Peter Dunne = EPIC FAIL”

  1. So these things are still on the shelves?

    Yes, Tim, they are. There are literally hundreds of synthetic cannabinoids. Peter Dunne recently banned four more. The makers of the likes Puff and K2 simply switched to using cannabinoids Peter Dunne hasn’t banned yet. After a month or two, Peter Dunne finds out what the new active ingredients are, and bans them. So the manufacturers simply switch to using other cannabinoids he hasn’t banned yet. And so it goes on.

    The upshot is that “Kronic” never really left the shelves.

    Under Dunne’s regime, anyone who smokes the latest “Kronic” is smoking an untested chemical with no history of human use whose long-term effects are completely unknown.

    Whereas cannabis contains a carefully crafted cocktail of chemicals (the main active ingredient is THC, but there are others) which has a history of human use spanning millennia. Its long-term effects are known. It’s safer than houses. And it’s approved by its maker for human use!

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