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  1. Yes the shellfish line is very interesting because it is a Dispensational prohibition.
    You can study how God made different laws regarding eating for different dispensations, eg even in the age of innocence Adam was allowed to freely eat of the fruit of the garden *except the fruit of the tree in the midst*… that was prohibited.
    Later… to distinguish/ separate the Jews (children of Israel) from the Gentiles… God gave all sorts of prohibitions (Levitical Kosha Laws) to the Jew regarding the eating of meat. And these Rules were practiced by jews and by Jesus… and by Peter after the crucifiction… right up till the Jews rejected Peters Kingdom gospel @ the stonning of Stephen. And God raised up St Paul to take the new gospel of grace to the gentiles.
    After this Peter gets a vision from God of all the forbidden/ ‘unclean’ animals lowered down from heaven in a cloth and God tells Peter to “kill and eat” … Peter is horified by the thought! “No so Lord! I have never eaten anything comon or unclean!”… God says to Peter “What I have cleansed… Dont call unclean!”. This vision was a clear message to Peter that a massive dispensational change had just taken place and that he was not to preach/ practice Jewish/ Mosaic legalism any more, and also that God was going to ‘cleanse’ the Gentiles. Thus under Pauls Gospel of grace we are ‘Free from the Law’, and Paul expressly tell us not to let anyone judge us (esp Jews)… regarding the eating of meats, or of drinks, or in respect to Holy days etc.
    Paul also says that in our dispensation of grace that to preach/ forbid the eating of meats is a doctrine of Devils!
    Thus We eat Pork and shellfish today, and ignore the Levitical Kosher Laws by express command of God!
    Thus this bunch of Carnie Folk are in great error when they accuse christians of “picking and choosing” …. when we ignore the Old testament Laws and instead practice Tollerance and grace…. and chow down on Pig!
    *This is all that horribe Dispensationalism Richard*
    What amazes me is that the majority of christians pretend they understand the Bible, yet they dont even grasp the most essential and basic dispensational distictions.
    Ie they shamelessly fail to Rightly Divide the word of truth…. and Mix up Jewish legalism with Gentile Grace.

  2. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Thats great news Reed. This realisation that we must make dispensational distictions will open up the Bible to you in a powerful way. you will understand how the Bible unfolds in a series of distinct ages, God purpose to give each age a specific part in his overall plan.
    For me descovering dispensational truth was almost as big a moment as recieving Christ…. It’s a massive enlightenment.

  3. *Dispensation* is a Biblical term Reed:
    “If ye have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which is given me to you-ward: How that by revelation he made known unto me the mystery; (as I wrote afore in few words, Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ) Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit;…”
    St Paul Eph 3vs2-5 King James Bible.

    Once your eyes are open to the reality of dispensationalism you see the whole Bible is filled with dispensational distictions and wonder why it took so long for you to grasp it. You then realise that the Majority of Christians have fallen into Satanic apostasy, and lost sight of the most important doctrines of the Bible. They live in Satanic confusion. This is where all the different denominations and cults come from, and why so many christians support tyranical/ legalistic socialism instead of Libertaianism. All these gross errors come about from failing to distingush St Pauls doctrines of grace from the OT legalism (of which Christs gospel, and st peters ministries were also a part). St Paul peached a new Gospel, and the Fellowship we enter is a separate thing from Israel and the Kingdom. It may take some time before you will come to appreciate all these dispensational truths because they involve a massive departure from what is the norm… and from what sells today as orthodoxy. Yet I am so pleased you have opened your mind to start investigating how the doctrine of dispensationalism effects how we interpret the scriptures. You dont have to ‘spiritualize’ away apparant contradictions when you understand many doctrines change from dispensation to dispensation.

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    The dispensation of the grace of God is the new covenant.
    Dispensationalism is just the recognition of different covenants.

  5. That is correct, yet what is special about St Paul is that a whole ‘dispensation’ was committed to him, and God revealed to him special truths regarding the work of Christ which were hidden in other ages. What is amazing to understand is that the Gospel that Christ preached to the Jews, and the Gospel that Peter preach after the day of Penticost to the jews was still legalistic, and neither preached the cross *as salvation.*
    The cross had no place in the gospel of Christ when he said the kingdom was at hand. When Christ told Peter that he would be crucified peter said ‘not so Lord”… because the cross did not fit in with his understanding of the messiah freeing Israel from rome and establishing his kingdom. The cross was hidden from peter. Even after the resurection (something else Peter did not understand) and Peter preached about the cross at the day of penticost etc Peter does not preach the cross *as salvation* but as murder! The cross is condemnation to the jews… it signifies their rejection of their messiah. What is truly amazing to understand is that the gospel we know today… that Christ died on the cross for our sins was a complete mystery until God revealed it to St Paul. Because we live so far after the events christians today have lost understanding that what Peter preached and what Christ preached is completly different to what St Paul preached. Christ and peter still preached the Law…to the Jews. They were concerned with establishing Christs Kingdom on Earth from Israel.
    The revelation of the mystery was given to St Paul. the chosen vessel of God to preach the Cross and Grace of God to the gentiles and is not nationalistic, not about a kingdom, but is about Individual salvation to whosoever will call upon the name of the lord. This is the special dispensation in which we live. The age of grace. And it must be kept separate from the Jewish legalism of the OT, and the preaching of Christ, and St Peter. I know this is a lot to take in. And the fact that the NIV ect dont use the word ‘dispensation’ ought to tell you that those translations are corrupt and cant be trusted…. and ofcourse nobody believes the NIV is God’s infallible word. My Salvation is founded upon the trustworthyness of the King James Bible.

  6. So Reed tell me this. Do you believe that This verse ought to be concidered as scripture…as it has been for 400 years by King james bible believers, or do you think it ought to be taken out… as the NIV has done? In short Can you trust the Bible…any bible at all? or must you rely on the schollarship of the new Preistcraft… ‘Textual critisism?
    The reality is you will never get dispensationalism from the modern Per-versions. Go look at how the NIV translates 2Tim 2vs 15.
    What you need to grasp is that the Modern versions are counterfiet. They were created by Bible doubters not Bible believers, and though they profess to improve the scriptures, in reality they pervert them, and render them untrustworthy and *unbelieveable*. By removing Mat 18vs10 and putting it in the footnotes they cast doubt upon the whole Bible. Is the fact that some manuscripts dont include the verse good enough reason to doubt it’s authentisity???? No. The Modern versions are Messing with your faith… they are corrupting your belief in the Divine preservation and relyablity of the scriptures so that you can have no assurance of your own salvation or that when you share the gospel with others you can give them no assurance that the Bible can be trusted. Instead you have been hoodwinked into heeding the words of ‘Priests’/ ‘teachers’… ie you cant even trust your own interpretaions, and have been reduced back to the sorry state of the English people before the KJV was published… And that is a victory for the powers of Evil! And you wonder why nobody understands Dispensationalism in New zealand today! The Reformation was an escape from the confusion of following St Peter…and the kingdom of God on earth, instead of St Paul and the separation of the fellowship of the mystery from the lost world.

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