Kai Mate! Kai Mate! Eat you when Your Dead! The REAL Haka of Te Rauparaha. Copyright Tim Wikiriwhi

Kai Mate! Kai Mate! Translated into English “Eat you when your Dead” “Eat You when your Dead!”
(Repeat for 5 minutes)
I am Copyrighting this Haka. (to cause a stir… and expose a Political charade)
Tim Wikiriwhi.

Now this is what a Pre-European War Haka was really all about!
Warriors would waive their Bare Butts at eachother to indicate that they were going to Kill, and Eat their enimies, and shit them out… render them down to shit… (and make combs and fish hooks from their bones)… Lyrics like this could be added to my Kai Mate Haka… in keping with Acient tradition and real Pre-European Maori culture.

The Haka as commonly practiced by the AllBlacks and has been copywrited by Ngati toa is a Politically correct fraud… and they are welcome to it!

I believe My Haka is in fact *The True Haka*… written by the Notorious Cannibal and Master of Maori Warfare … the ferocious Te Rauparaha!
The Modern version being nothing but a ‘Politically correct’ fraud… designed to hide the truth about Pre-European Maori life and culture… of which Cannabalism was the norm… and indeed celebrated… ritualised… and feared.

Anyone who doubts my assertions ought to read Paul Moon’s ‘This horrid practice’

…And The Maori Separatists claim European colonisation has been a disaster for Maori!
Get Real!

11 thoughts on “Kai Mate! Kai Mate! Eat you when Your Dead! The REAL Haka of Te Rauparaha. Copyright Tim Wikiriwhi”

  1. No I have not read that Book Lindsay. Is it good? And I got the illustrations by Googling ‘Te Rauparaha images’, and ‘Canibalism Images’.

  2. That was a Surprise reading that.

    Yes all was not wonderful in early New Zealand

    Cruelty and Cannibalism was sustained on many

    Good read

  3. In Rarotonga no secret is made of their cannibalist past. Its only Maori who do this and one has to question why? I think why is solely to do with colonisation and the fact colonists made it clear its an abhorant act. Then later land claims etc comes into it. Honesty is the best policy. On both sides. I find it ludicrous that Maori demand such from Europeans in regards to the Treaty and land issues etc but actually alter their own history to suit which is hardly honoring ones past and ancestors. It was what it was. End of.

  4. I have been corrected after a Facebook discussion… The part of the 2006 haka banned was an added bit to the original haka (which apparently also had a different interpretation that was not to do with the slitting of another’s throat.)

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