Indigenous extortionists execute dolphins in revenge for aid default. Solomon Islands.

Photo: NZ Herald.

I must have successfully purged my Facebook friends list of the most Rabid of Green peace supporters!
When I read about this atrosity in the NZ Herald I was expecting my page to be Bombed with outrage!
Yet nothing… not a fart.

It’s ironic that I must post it to facebook myself!
This truely is a henious moral outrage… over stolen loot.
The dolphins are the loosers.
I assume the Facebook Greenies are thwarted by their own contradictions… Indigenous Rights vs Free Willy!
The Islanders have gotta eat.
Dolphin may indeed be an important resourse to them… yet killing 900+ seems like foolishness!
They are depleating their own resourse, and from the story I gather the extent of the slaughter was Pure Politics.

The Love of money is indeed the root of all evil.

I have not been able to descover whether or not The Earth Island Institute gets funds from the UN or other governments, yet I would suspect so. If it is a private and absolutely voluntarily funded organistaion I will eat my Hat!
If they are fully legit… ie fully private and voluntarily funded, then why did they default on their deal with the Natives? They have made a grievious error of judgement and goes to show just how good intensions can result in unexpected evils… at least this is the terrible message the islanders are communicating.

Solomon Islands villagers kill 900 dolphins in conservation disputeIslanders claim Berkely-based Earth Island Institute failed to fulfill deal to pay $400,000 to stop hunt

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