Fence and gate for removal $1 reserve

Approx 1.8m High by 20m long.

I am selling this on my Aunt’s behalf. The fence is on her property in Mangere Bridge.

There is a bit of a back story which bidders need to know…

This fence was put up unlawfully on my Aunt’s cross-lease property by the other cross lease owner. He was told not to put up the fence, he knew he had no right to put the fence up and he knew it would make life difficult for my Aunt. My Aunt is 75 and has deteriorating mobility and health.

The fence is blocking my aunt’s access to her front door. The fence has to go and the co-owner won’t take it down.

I’ve checked with the Police and they are not interested in helping my Aunt nor are they interested in hindering the removal of the fence.
I’ve checked with a lawyer and they said it was fine to remove the fence – proceeds of this auction will go to the person who put the fence up.

If you buy this fence you really will be helping out someone in need.

Buyer must take the lot.

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