Crown to take first steps in public

Media Release

The Police and CYF say they are entitled to contact an employer, make damaging statements and refuse to provide any evidence. On Monday 11 March 2013 Johan Aarts will be taking on the Commissioner of Police and Others in the Employment Court in Auckland.

“If the Police are allowed to get away with this then you could be next innocent person to lose your employment and career on the basis of untested and falsified evidence” says Aarts

A secret High Court hearing was held in Rotorua on 20 November 2012 from which the media and members of the public were excluded. An article was published in the Sunday Star Times of 25 November 2013 and was also published on the website. However the article was removed from “Stuff” the same day following a complaint from The Crown Law Office who are representing the Police and CYF in this matter.

Chief Employment Court Judge Colgan has confirmed that this hearing on Monday will be conducted in open court and the media will be allowed to report on proceedings.

Mr Aarts will be represented by lay advocate Robert Lee who has called Defendant Police Commissioner Peter Marshall as a witness.

Johan Aarts

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