Insults and compliments – Windows to the soul

When people give insults or compliments they are giving an insight into what they consider to be important.

If someone compliments your looks it’s because they value looks. If someone compliments your honesty it’s because they value honesty. If someone compliments your intelligence it’s because they value intelligence.

If someone calls you ugly it’s because their own looks are important to them. If someone calls you an amateur it’s because their own importance is important to them. If someone says you have a nasaly voice it’s because how they sound is important to them. Insults like these come from vanity.

With insults – the more harm the insulter is trying to do the higher the value of insult they will give. That is, the higher value is to the insult giver not necessarily the insult receiver.

So… next time you get insulted don’t just ignore it – consider what it tells you about the giver.
And, more importantly, if you happen to give an insult or a compliment consider what it tells you about yourself.

2 thoughts on “Insults and compliments – Windows to the soul”

  1. Reed – the fact that someone compliments or insults you means that YOU are important to them.

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” ~ Gandhi

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