Second Coming (the Return of Chrisf)

At the NORML New Zealand conference at Tokaanu last Saturday, Chris Fowlie was elected unopposed to the position of President. As it is written

And then shall they see the Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fowlie coming in a cloud of smoke with power and great glory. (RSG)


That’s Chris third from the right (at the back) standing behind me on the far right (LOL!) and Phil Saxby second from the right. From NORML’s post-conference press release

Regulate cannabis like alcohol, says reform group

New Zealand should regulate cannabis like alcohol and save at least $300 million per year, says the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, New Zealand Inc (NORML).

At its weekend conference at Tokaanu, delegates elected Chris Fowlie of Auckland as President, and Phil Saxby of Wellington as Secretary.

Chris Fowlie was previously President of NORML from 1997-2008 during which time NZ came tantalisingly close to cannabis law reform, has owned and managed The Hempstore for 16 years, and regularly appears in court as an independent cannabis expert witness.

NORML is optimistic New Zealand is entering a period where cannabis law reform will finally happen here, and so am I, particularly now that we have competent, committed, convivial people with proven track records of activism such as Chris (and Phil, Billy, Gary, Dakta, …) running the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. It really is high time.

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