Chavez Socialist peasants left wallowing in a puddles of their own filth.


This is Great Legacy of Hugo Chavez … Socialism Sux Arse!
Same shit, Different town.
Socialism always leads to this!
According to some Migrant friends of mine, In Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, with hyperinflation it was/is cheaper to wipe your arse on their ‘ten dollar bills’ than on a square of dunny roll!
That anyone can still believe in Socialism defies rationality!
It’s Bat shit crazy!
Absolutely Disastrous!
Only Vain Powertrippers and Morons support Socialism!
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A man carries toilet paper at a supermarket in Caracas

Bathroom Blues: Venezuela’s Toilet Paper Crisis

“Venezuelans are used to going without staples like milk, coffee and butter, thanks to the country’s frequent food shortages. But now they’re dealing with a much more urgent crisis: a lack of toilet paper.

Stores have run out, and each new delivery sees a rush on supermarkets. The demand is so great the government has now been forced to order 50 million rolls to appease desperate shoppers. One woman standing in line at a Caracas supermarket that received a fresh delivery told the Associated Press that she had been scouring the capital city’s shops for two weeks. “Even at my age, I’ve never seen this,” another, 70-year-old shopper told Sky News.”

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5 thoughts on “Chavez Socialist peasants left wallowing in a puddles of their own filth.”

  1. Venezuela Runs Out of Beer
    Who needs beer when children are starving anyway?
    Ed Krayewski|Apr. 30, 2016 10:44 am

    Venezuela’s largest privately-owned beer company has stopped producing beer after running out of malted barley (or, more specifically, running out of foreign currency with which to buy malted barley).

    The company, Empresas Polar, stopped production yesterday—it warned last week that it would run out of malted barley by then.

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