Evolutionary ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ of the the Week. “Why Do Humans Cry?”

evolutionary Bullshit

And they call this Utter fantasy ‘Science’!

Having posted this to a Facebook page where the Creationism debate is rife, I received a link to… Why Cry? Evolutionary Biologists Show Crying Can Strengthen Relationships

My response… “What a joke! Simply because Tears have ‘benefits’ is irrelevant to the fact that These sorts of claims by evolutionists are absolute Bollocks! Absolute invention! This is not science. It’s a joke! It’s pure superstition.
I could easily say ‘Creation scientists show that Crying can strengthen relationships’… The fact that your article was written by an evolutionists has nothing to do with the objective fact that Crying has a useful purpose…. which makes it appear to be designed… confession of Richard Dawkins.”

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