Wellington New Zealand… the Next Atlantis.


Why do the Media bother to interview Seismologists after a Quake?
Seismology . Another Pseudo Science which pretends to be ‘Science Proper’ yet is simply Bullshit using Math to disguise the reality that when it comes to predictions… they don’t know Jack, and so it is a complete waste of time asking them their opinion about when an Earthquake is likely to happen, Where, or how many aftershocks there will be, or how big these ‘Aftershocks’ will be… They engage in pure Guess work!
Just listen to what the Seismologists say about aftershocks… “There could be heaps of Big ones… hundreds of small ones…”
Gee thanks!
Impressive!…. not.
None of them has the Balls to say straight up… “We don’t have a bloody Clue!”
“Your Guess is as Good as Mine!”


Learn to Swim.

9 thoughts on “Wellington New Zealand… the Next Atlantis.”

  1. Surely it’s past time to give up on Wellington, move the core government functions to Auckland – and take the opportunity this presents for a great downsizing and contracting out of the “whole of government” (as the Wellingtonians love to say).

    Better to move out now, in a controlled way, than have to try and move after Wellington is wiped out!

  2. Tonites News “Scientists say there is a 1:10 chance of a larger quake happening in Wellington within the next few days”.
    In other words they don’t have the faintest idea of what’s really going to happen.

  3. When is the big one coming? Your guess is as good as mine, although, at the moment it looks to me that it will be sooner than later, don’t you think… Yea no whatever lol…. I have been given a gift and I will tell you it may or may not happen……..

  4. I predict there is a 1:2 chance the Royal Sprog will be a boy!
    Now Richard, do you think this statement qualifies as any real knowledge as to what the Royal sprog is going to be?

  5. Hahahha! Richard…. Conspiracy Theorist!
    But you never answered my question.
    The reality is that people spout out Math Stats to make themselves appear to be ‘experts’… etc when really they are just full of crap!

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