Rape Culture? Part 2

The Rape Culture protesters I mentioned here have said what they are after…

The protesters are campaigning for:
• Rape crisis centres to be adequately and sustainably funded
• Educational programmes set up focussing on rape prevention and awareness
• Police to put measures in place to allow for better support of survivors
• The Law Commission report into pre-trial and trial processes for sexual assault victims to be reinstated immediately.

Rape crisis centres can (and should) be privately run – judging by the reaction and protests there shouldn’t be a problem getting volunteers and voluntary funding.
Rape prevention education? I don’t want these people or their ideas near my children (too late).
AFAIK the state sex “education” already tells kids about consent and surely if they try to educate potential victims about rape prevention that will be “victim blaming” and reinforce the “rape culture” that they hate.

I’m not sure what their other points mean – anyone?

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