Something from India

Me and my family in front of the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is solid marble – in its heart are tombs and corpses… just like the locals.

One of the side buildings at the Taj Mahal and a local is giving me the stink eye

The Taj Mahal is a mosque and is under Muslim control. At the entry there are different queues – one for “high value” women, one for children, one for “low value” locals and one for “high value” men. When me and the other “high value” men got to the guard who checks the tickets he stood in front of us with his back toward us and wouldn’t let us pass – he allowed many of the Hindu “low value” locals into our lane. It took me a while to figure out what the Muslim guard was doing – it was an act of subjugation – he was insulting us. The barriers look to have been designed with this purpose in mind. The Hindus that the guard let through understood what was going on and they laughed about the situation. At first I felt a little angry toward the Muslim guard but later I just felt sorrow for the Hindus. Sorrow for the Hindus because while they obviously accept NIOF principles (even regarding animals) they are loveless crooks (In northern India every person we met (except one of our guides who was a Christian) tried to swindle us – imagine living like that).

We’d been to the Gandhi Memorial in Delhi the day before – the memorial was in a dense fog, surrounded by crows with eagles circling overhead. Fitting omens I thought (not sure what to make of the squirrels so I won’t mention them). The Indians I met were nothing like Gandhi. The Hindu’s admire his greatness but have no idea about goodness. Poor people were lying in the streets surrounding the memorial – no sign of anyone helping them (the Christian guide we had said the Church was doing something but they were only 2.5% of the population).

That’s all for now… my son wants his computer back.

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