2 thoughts on “What is your life?”

  1. This is only true because of the Fall.
    Ie Adam only became mortal… under the curse of death *after* he transgressed God’s covenant/ Law, and through The Gospel of Christ St Paul tells us that we have defeated Death… O Death where is thy sting. Grave where is thy victory?
    Death is *Physical death*, our Souls are immortal.
    We ‘vanish’ like a vapour…. from the sight of the living and ‘appear’ to be no more… yet has the Vapour really been annihilated?
    God made Adams Body…. from the dust of the Earth, yet it is interesting that ‘Living spirit’ is described as ‘breath’…. God-breathed…. and Man became a living soul… ‘The vapour’ of God’s own living essence.
    Adam was called the son of God.

    1. re: BeckOMG, I&7;v1#82e slipped into an Alternate Universe AGAIN. In this Universe Beck is still an Idiot and still wrong, except he’s 180 degrees out of phase with the Beck in the Universe I just came from.

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