The Government wants to kill you. They know the end is nigh.


Read about California Rep. Introduces Bill to Ban Civilians from Buying Body Armor


They know America is bankrupt and about to collapse… because they are the A-holes whom have bankrupted her!
They know the American people will follow their Founding Document… the Declaration of Independence… and will seek to overthrow the Socialist tyrants in power.
They are preparing for civil war.
They have militarised the Police (and many other government departments).
They have bought up large quantities of Ammunition, Tanks, and military vehicles.
They practice warfare in the City streets.
They seek to control the Internet, and social media.
They have made many attempts to take away Americans Guns and 2nd amendment rights, and also to leave them as vulnerable as possible…. hence this sort of diabolical legislation to ban Body armour!

They want to Microchip everybody!

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.


“You have nothing to Fear…. Just Obey… and take the Mark of Allegiance … only Criminals and terrorists resist progress…”
The False Prophet. 666

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