Retiring from Mud Wrestling… Hapless Critters,… and The Rule.


This facebook screenshot is an excellent example of the sort of Socialist thinking that Libertarians must endure night and day.
It contains political/ ethical ideas which are evil and unjust, and so easily provokes the wrath of those of us who know better… yet is wrath really the most appropriate reaction?

I apologize to Eternal vigilance fans for my recent absence.
Home life is hectic at the moment, and after the Whore-fest/ Parliamentary elections, it is quite common for me to enter a period of meditation… like the survivor of a train wreak.
Im sitting here in a Muddle… tryin to figure out a new Game plan…. the old one clearly does not work.

Having arrived at the conclusion that *Stupidity and ignorance* are the chef enemies of Liberty, Truth, and justice rather than simple malice, envy, etc I am hoping to temper my Seething disgust and rage against the Zombies, and to see the situation as requiring more compassion on my part… seeing that the Zombie Sheeple know not what they do.

That Face-booker above is sincere in their desire to improve society…no malice… just very Bad reasoning.

I am trying to convince myself that a more meek approach than my usual explosions would conform better to the Christian Ideal of holding up a light…. and may yield more positive results.
It may help to moderate my moods… make me more resilient, and a closer imitation of St Paul.
I’m not sure about this… yet I want to try….
The moral test comes when confronted with such pig headed Socialist lunacy as below….
I have to bite my hand… pour myself another shot….
Sometimes Saying nothing is better than tearing up all your shirts.

Can I re-program myself to better deal with Human realities???


That is my mountain I must scale.

I cant expect my ideological adversaries to do me the same courtesy.
To simply attribute your antagonist to be Evil is the most simplistic…. the most gratifying… and often the most *un-thinking* thing a person can do.
Yet this conclusion is not conducive to constructive dialogue and enlightenment… but to war.
Thus if it is constructive dialogue and enlightenment you are seeking to promote, then you need to have compassion for those who need guidance… not hatred or disgust.

When the Founder of Eternal vigilance set up this Blog he wisely included one rule, and in typical Libertine fashion that rule has been ignored (by me)… to my folly… and to the detriment of the Cause (s)

The Blog Rule…
“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

So this is not a new Idea… It’s a Christian principle I have struggled to apply.

Can an old Dog learn new tricks?
Dont be too hard on me if at times I resort back to my old guile slinging self… maybe just quietly post me a link to this rave so that I can remind myself of the Program. šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Retiring from Mud Wrestling… Hapless Critters,… and The Rule.”

  1. I’ve always been uncomfortable with “slaggin’ socialists”… but then, Jesus did give the Pharisees and Sadducees a pretty good slaggin’… so I guess I have to accept that.

    For me, I try to only engage people when I care about them – if I don’t care then there’s no gain for them or me (resounding gong) and I might as well say nothing.

    Anyway, I appreciate your insights – looking forward to you having the time to post.

    1. Cheers mate…
      I am *militantly* opposed to Socialism and so it is difficult to temper/ moderate my criticisms… Slaggin socialists is just what I do…. šŸ™‚
      I hope to learn how to frame my arguments better.

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