Saint of the Week (5th April)

Forgive the lateness, I was busy all weekend…


LAZARUS (d.33AD & 63AD)
Raising_of_Lazarus_by_logIconJust the one Saint this week.  The day before Palm Sunday is the Saturday of Lazarus, when Christ raised His friend from the dead.  In doing so, He forshadowed His own resurrection, and showed that He has power over all death, including our own.

After his revival, Lazarus, as living proof of Christ’s works, was forced to flee Jerusalem, and he travelled to Cyprus where he preached Christ and established the Church there.  Paul and Barnabas ordained him the first Bishop of Cyprus, where he led the Church and is regarded as their patron Saint.

He is famously reputed never to have smiled in the thirty years after his revival, except for one occasion where he saw a pot being stolen, smirking that “the clay steals the clay”

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