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Tim Wikiriwhi: Delusions of politiicans
11 Jun, 2012 07:00 AM
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Hamilton News
By Tim Wikiriwhi, Libertarian Independent

It is interesting how reality has a way of exposing Ignorance and folly, and bring unpopular truths into the light.

It is even more interesting to watch the various ways the ‘tyrants’ and ‘sheeple’ respond.

Collectivist communism bankrupted the Soviet Union, which is a reality not wasted upon the Chinese communists, who responded by modifying their economy to align more closely with Western socialist democracies which have a modicum of free enterprise, and private property, yet in reality is not ‘free’ at all, but heavily regulated, and taxed by a large, powerful, and meddlesome state.

Yet the Chinese now have discovered they have not prevented the collapse of their regime, but merely postponed it by a few decades, as the economic model they assimilated from the West is likewise fatally flawed.

The West now reels under the teachings of pain reality that their model of socialism is also ‘unsustainable’ … it just takes a little longer to reach it’s inevitable end.

This fact is proven by the massive debt crisis which socialist democracies now face, having been driven into the ground by elected big spending, anti-freedom, anti-capitalists.

Big spending,and micro management of society holds true across the board, and has now forced a heavily indebted Hamilton City council into ‘austerity mode’

The Council is now downsizing and selling off assets:

Indoor Rec Centre… No funds

Municipal Pools… closed.

Pensioner Flats… for sale

YMCA… For Sale.

Ibis/Novotel… For Sale.

Council Service… $6M cut

(Source: Waikato Times)

The current crisis is exactly as I predicted.

I have spent the last decade campaigning for council, warning the people of Hamilton that bankruptcy and pain was approaching like a juggernaut.

During elections I told the then-Mayoral-candidate Julie Hardacre that she would have to renege on all her big ideas and campaign promises, yet this did not deter her from continuing to pedal her ‘popular’ delusions, and thus she was elected.

Mrs Hardacres fantasies received full media support, while my economic and political truths were marginalized, and treated as ‘whack’.

I was left out of the political debates, thus many voters were left in the dark about the real state of affairs faced by the Hamilton City Council and the necessary alternative direction which I represented.

Most voters were not aware of the choice that I represented as a candidate.

Well, time is up and the apocalypse has arrived: many of my unpopular policies are now being forced upon the council.

The travesty is that they are now being implemented by the charlatans who got elected by promising to spend more, not less.

It is a real pity that Hamiltonians did not heed my warnings as I could have implemented a systematic program of reform when things were not so dire and thereby would have been able to get better returns on asset sales, during a better economic climate unlike the ‘fire sale’ that we must now endure.

I would also love to see a review of all the campaign promises of the current bunch in council, putting to them the hard questions of how they expected to fulfill their pledges when there was no money to do so?

Did they make their promises simply to fool the voters and get elected?

Thus like all socialist democracies Hamilton wallows in debt.

Socialist big government does not work.

Tim Wikiriwhi

Libertarian Independent.

Hamilton West.

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