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The Exploding Ford Pinto Scandal Was NOTHING Compared To What’s Happening Today : Uncle Tony’s Garage.

Remember the Ford Pinto Scandal? Ford knew the Pintos were dangerous but did the math and chose to hide the truth and release the car anyways…
Now Fast forward to Electric vehicles…
Watch Uncle Tony’s video below…

Now watch a second video by Uncle Tony’s Garage about an EV fire at Cook’s Beach, Coromandal, New Zealand in which a EV caught fire while charging.
Yet the Fire investigators report was that the fire started ‘somewhere else’ in the home… yet Neighbours caught the event on camera and the fire definitely originated in the garage!

This appears to be a possible example of the truth about the dangers of EV’s being kept out of the Public spotlights… for political reasons… to minimise public resistance to the destruction of the Oil based Transport being replaced with what we are supposed to imagine as being ‘the safer cleaner, greener Electric alternative.

Politicians setting absurd deadlines for fleets to be electrified, rather than allowing the technology to safely progress at its own pace without political pressure cannot help but cost countless lives! We are seeing this same insanity right across Western Society as Woke Globalists seek to skew Reality to suit their own insane Socialist agendas.

Western society truly is filled with wooly headed idiots to let these Political charlatans destroy our societies over fake climate change hysteria!

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.