Socialist Sport Redistributes Wealth from the Poor to the Rich

 Winning the WC cost New Zealand 3/4 of a Billion Dollars! That’s is an insane amount of Loot! It demonstrates our Nation is a ship of fools.  This Budget Blowout is yet another consequence  of the politicalisation of Sport… a  demonstration of Socialist *Totalitarian*  over-government. 

 To all you Socialists out there who Cheered and whistled as the Games played on.. You have no right to claim you care for the Poor! Now they must bear the Burden of these hundreds of Millions on the price of their food and clothes… on the cost of their rents! You can have no claim to be the vanguard against Elitist Favoritism! You have redistributed Millions of Dollar from the poor to the rich and created a sporting  elite to be worshiped by the deluded masses… whose wealth and fame will grow …. who will meddle in politics, pervert our democracy, and support even greater Government usurpations! 

 Today you Parade while the backs of the working man breaks, and the wolves of dept are at his door! And not one Politician will have the Balls to admit this truth! Just like Ex Mayor of Hamilton Bob Simcock tried to justify the tens of millions of rate payer debt caused by the V8 Super-cars by saying “The regional economy benefits”, so too will the Mammoth debts and ongoing expenses  from the World Cup be said to have ‘benefited the National economy’.  I say “Tell that to the thousands of poor whom struggle to pay their bills! Tell that to the pensioners who cant afford to heat their hovels in winter!” They will receive not one benifical penny… all they receive is a hefty bill from Nanny state. And you wonder why Western Civilisation is wallowing in debt and the divide between rich and poor keeps growing?    Tim Wikiriwhi

6 thoughts on “Socialist Sport Redistributes Wealth from the Poor to the Rich”

  1. I don’t understand this. The revenue and non-monetary dividends from the RWC tournament will take a long time to fully assess. Lighten up Tim!
    Please point to a single working man’s back which is presently breaking. Emotive, yes! Accurate, no!

  2. Ummmm Me for starters Chris! I work 60 hours a week and am still struggling to keep the Taxman at bay. The Waikato stadium is an elephant upon Hamilton ratepayers backs! We are in dept to a tune of 400 million dollar due to unprincipled ‘big spending’ ‘Grandstanding’ local government politicians. The State has unleashed the BAYCORP hounds upon thousands of struggling Kiwi to prop up their Mega Nanny State. ‘Non-monetary dividends’ Ha! They’ll help keep Granny warm in winter! *Look at the Real-monetary Debts! Look at the absolute disregard for the just principles of good government! Even of a majority of Kiwi are ‘Consenting victims’ that just goes to show unchecked democracy is a donkeys backside, and a complete indifference to the Hundreds of thousands of People who hate Rugby and dont want to be forced to pay for it! Nanny state is about caring for the little people. *Yeah Right!* The end is nigh.

  3. I will not deny Chris that a portion of the money generated does benefit *a minority*. Yet this cannot be seen as ‘a fair’ result by any means. I believe New Zealand would have been better off if the All Blacks Lost. This would have woken a few Sheeple up to the insanity of making Sport a Political football. Sadly, because it wins approval for Nanny state usurpations from the sheeple, the All Black victory was a defeat for common sense and the principles of just government.

  4. I agree that your criticisms of the tax man are well-founded but they’re not unique to this country. Contrary to holding sports tournaments and festivities, how would you lighten the mood? Overnight removal of tax liabilites would be fine, but it won’t happen.

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