3 thoughts on “Is God the source of Morality? Flannagan vs Bradley.”

  1. Noah’s Flood: The Most Immoral Story Ever Told

    Dear Christian,

    I challenge you to watch this short but very provocative video clip regarding the morality of your God’s act of killing millions of little children in the Great Flood. After watching this film, if you can still claim that your God and your belief system are moral and good I will strongly and sincerely encourage you to seek help from a mental health professional.


    1. Funny how puny little critters whine when the Giver of life takes it away!
      Gary, You need to learn some *Higher Law Principles* before you point your finger at God.
      I started a series answering these sorts of questions, yet it is on going… one I have not expounded is the ramifications of God himself coming to Earth, and experiencing/ the most grotesque of evils at the hands of man.
      You see *God is not some insulated being* but suffers every evil personally…. and just in case you dont get that he physically turned up so you could watch him being tortured and murdered…. Human tyrannies which he in meekness came to offer an end.
      *Christs visitation* puts to silence any notion that God has caused any suffering that he was not prepared to be exposed to be personally exposed to… as an innocent man…. etc etc

      Please do a search in our engine for ‘Good God Evil world’… you will find 6 posts.

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