The ASA is an example of Libertarianism 101

Coming soon… Daniel Barnes will explain the libertarian credentials of the Advertising Standards Authority… or not.


6 thoughts on “The ASA is an example of Libertarianism 101”

  1. The Catholic Church is an example of Libertarianism 101 too…
    – A voluntary body
    – Operates a self regulatory code
    – No legal coercive powers whatsoever
    – Non-coercive ethical control in the free market

    It ticks every ideological box!

  2. Reed:
    >Attack, mislead, distract ā€“ repeat. Try some honest argumentation instead.

    Well look Reed, let’s be frank. You’re the one repeatedly making false statements here. First it was accusing me of making thousands of dollars out a voluntary organisation. Of course I did no such thing – you just didn’t know how to read an annual report. Not content with this, you’ve now tried to make another peculiar accusation. Only this time, perhaps mindful of your previous embarrassment, you suddenly refuse to actually back it up when pressed. Even this very post itself is another foolish blunder on your part – I answered it before it was even asked in my very first post on this blog. Normally blogging etiquette says you should immediately correct it and apologise. But on your current form I’m not holding my breath.

    Now, as it happens I don’t regard all this as dishonest. Rather, I think you’re simply a bit out of your depth. As I’ve said repeatedly, you just don’t know what you’re talking about in these issues. The primary rule of blogging, in fact of all argument, is to have a good grasp of the facts from the start. As it is, you’ve relied on me to explain the basic facts and the few times you’ve struck out on your own – as per the above – it has not, um, ended well. As I’ve said, I’m not here to provide you with an education as to your chosen cause! With the right to free speech comes some responsibility, especially in public arenas like a blog, and especially if you’re going to attack someone on a professional basis as you’ve repeatedly tried to do here. You really can’t afford to keep getting this wrong the way you have. (Personal attacks, however, I’m fine with…;-))

    Given you’ve now reached the point of simply refusing to answer a direct question, I think we can say there is there is not much point in discussing this further. So we’ll agree to disagree on this one, and you can have the last word.

    Note to moderators: I’ve exceeded your 3 link rule, my apologies, but it was unavoidable.

  3. Daniel
    You are concerned about professional reputations being damaged on blogs. Have you considered that we might need an Internet Standards Authority to regulate internet content – or would you, like me, prefer nothing but a proper justice system?

    Perhaps it’s something for the Communication Agencies Association (CAANZ) to consider in the future.

    BTW: I wouldn’t attack you on a professional basis – I think you are literally incredible. From what I have seen I’d say you do an excellent job serving your customers, the advertising industry and the government.

    Thank you for contributing.

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