Gay Red Shirt Day

“What you’re wearing is an absolute disgrace. You parade yourself as some sort of centre-right invested community leader, but you’re in the red!”

“You’re going to be nervous when you line up in those par threes now, aren’t you? You’re munted mate, you’re never going to make it. You’ve got that gay red top on there.”

One thought on “Gay Red Shirt Day”

  1. I signed up to the Public Event on Facebook, thinking that it could be a bit of fun to wear my gay red teeshirt.

    Then Stephen Berry made a brief post pointing out that the underlying intent was censorship.

    And then …

    And then …

    Kylee Bowater
    Hey guys. I’ve left a load of posts up that other people have contacted me about and asked me to remove, because I don’t agree with censorship, as a general rule. However, if I decide that someone’s just trolling (as you guys are) then I will remove their post. I don’t actually give the slightest fuck whether you guys approve of my actions or not, and if you are going to post simply to be rude and offensive, then you can do it on your own facebook wall, not here 🙂

    … we were censored.

    Now, of course, as one of the creators of the page, Bowater is entirely within her rights to remove any comments including mine for any reason or no reason at all. However, the fact remains that her action in doing so is not a good look. And it amply confirms Stephen Berry’s original point.

    It remains only to point out that one of Bowater’s co-censors, Kirsty Ren, is a placenta specialist (“I help people get the benefits of their placenta without the ‘ick factor'”) and the other, Suzy Gallagher, encapsulates said “ick factor” on her Facebook wall. (Seriously, would you let one of the items pictured below pass your lips? I wouldn’t.)

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