What would you do?

Here are some other people’s answers.


I would give the Palestinians equal rights and not some little concentration camp in the shittiest part of the land.

I think Israel should bomb the shit out of the gaza strip. Then turn onto Egypt. If Egypt gets in on it then wipe out major infrastructure – govt, roads, military bases etc. Part three, turn the guns on Iran. Make an explicit and clear threat of an all blood bath if they so much as even fuckin flinch. Schools, kids, their army, govt – the lot. It’s time to deal with these islamists properly. I reckon it could be done in a week.

I would offer the Israelis New Zealand citizenship and invite them all to emigrate to the West Coast. It’s big enough (23,276 km2), and nearly empty (pop. 32,900). By comparison, Israel’s total land area is slightly less (22,072 km2) but relatively densely populated (pop. 7,941,900).

4 thoughts on “What would you do?”

  1. That’s a great idea too – but it hardly fits in with the modus operandi of ME control.

    It’s pretty clear where this is all headed – say bye bye to Gaza.

  2. No one consulted the Palestinians either. The Australians were asked if they would allow a jewish homeland in the Kimberly’s in West Australia, they ‘politely’ declined. No ethnic group has been expelled from more countries than the jews. They seem to have a knack of rubbing everyone up the wrong way.

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