Paul Holmes on Waitangi day Stench.


‘Liberated’ the following speil from my facebook friend Stephen Maire…
It’s Holmes at his best.

the late Sir Paul Holmes – who had a wonderful way with words – wrote the following:

“Waitangi Day produced its usual hatred, rudeness, and violence against a clearly elected Prime Minister from a group of hateful, hate-fuelled weirdos who seem to exist in a perfect world of benefit provision. This enables them to blissfully continue to believe that New Zealand is the centre of the world, no one has to have a job and the Treaty is all that matters.

“I’m over Waitangi Day. It is repugnant. It’s a ghastly affair. As I lie in bed on Waitangi morning, I know that later that evening, the news will show us irrational Maori ghastliness with spitting, smugness, self-righteousness and the usual neurotic Maori politics, in which some bizarre new wrong we’ve never thought about will be lying on the table.

“This, we will have to address and somehow apply these never-defined principles of the Treaty of Waitangi because it is, apparently, the next big resentment. There’ll be lengthy discussion, we’ll end up paying the usual millions into the hands of the Maori aristocracy and God knows where it’ll go from there.


“Well, it’s a bullshit day, Waitangi. It’s a day of lies. It is loony Maori fringe self-denial day… No, if Maori want Waitangi Day for themselves, let them have it.”……

7 thoughts on “Paul Holmes on Waitangi day Stench.”

  1. I agree.

    Abolish the FARCE that is Waitangi Day.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if there were even one or two Maori out there who felt embarrassed at the annual hatefest. Then again, maybe I’m wrong.

    There is *NO* group of people in the world that has been as cosseted, pampered and *compensated* as the Maori.

    The tribes of Mexico, central and South America, invaded by the Spanish. Compo? None.
    The *huge* number of countries invaded by the Muslims (and subjected to the *cruellest* savagery ever. Compo? Yeah, right – Tui ad coming right up.
    The Native American tribes. Compo? Naff-all. They have a few “reservations” and that’s about all, and yet the US still manages to have a rip-roaring national day of celebration.
    On and on it goes.

    *Get over yourselves*, Maori. I’ve had a gutsful of your whining about NOTHING. About the *non-event* that was Parihaka – what a JOKE.

  2. Well said Thor.
    I am one such embarrased Maori, and there are many many more yet they keep thier thoughts mostly to themselves because of the alienation that is dished out to those whom speak out.
    The Racism is so rampant that it will turn and rend even their own kin who dont go along with the flow.
    I have experienced it many times from my own kin, yet I refuse to be scilenced.
    I prefer to be an outcaste yet maintain my self esteme and to associate with more enlightened souls.

  3. I agree Awhina!
    If you click on the Category in the side bar ‘Treaty of Waitangi’, or type ‘Apartheid’ into the search bar of this blog you will get plenty of Blog posts we have done on the Gravy train. Are you on facebook?
    Cheers Tim Wikiriwhi.

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