Why can’t you show me evidence?


This is the very latest meme from an Evolutionist friend on Facebook.

It seems to me that both Dawkins and his interlocutor miss the point entirely.

Yes, DNA and fossils are evidence for the theory of evolution! But …

According to Creationism

(1) All living things are DNA-based. We’re carbon-based life-forms. One theoretical reason for this is that we’re all creatures of the same Creator. One practical reason for this is that predators need nutritious prey. Silicon-based prey, say, would be indigestible to a carbon-based predator.

(2) When living things die, their remains (or the remains of the thing that ate them and then later died) end up in the ground, to be dug up millennia later by archaeologists.


So, there is an astonishing amount of evidence for Creationism. You can see it in the DNA and fossils that we found which are in the museums right now …

In one sense, DNA and fossils are evidence for both Evolutionism and Creationism. In another sense, DNA and fossils are evidence for neither, since their mere existence does not help us to determine which is the correct explanation for life on Earth as we know it.

What Dawkins interlocutor seeks is that which Dawkins fails to show, viz., evidence that militates in favour of Evolutionism over Creationism.

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  1. What Bibleists don’t seem to be able to see is that scientists aren’t approaching this problem with a predetermined answer. Jesusismists are doing just that. Evolutionary biologists have not come to these conclusions based on wishful thinking. This is what the dots of history connect to show. Where as Christologists are looking for God in everything. And if you look for anything in all things you’re going to find it thanks to peridolia and cognitive dissonance.

  2. If “scientists aren’t approaching this problem with a predetermined answer,” then what are the scientific alternatives to Evolutionism? There is none. Evolutionism is the predetermined answer.

    Whereas, strictly speaking, ID posits only a creative intelligence at work. Not necessarily the god of Christianity.

  3. And if you look for anything in all things you’re going to find it thanks to peridolia and cognitive dissonance.

    Like finding evidence of Evolutlonism in the fossil record?

  4. Richard, the alternative theories to evolution were disproven long ago. The theory of evolution in the big picture is well accepted by science, all the evidence suggests it is correct so there are no more alternative theories. The only “controversy” is that the ID proponents are suggesting an alternative for which there is absolutely no evidence and they are apparently unable or unwilling to provide any. Since the burden of proof is on the one who claims there is a reasonable alternative the scientific community is not going to be interested until they provide this evidence. Today’s evolutionary biologists are working on the details of evolution in terms of molecular mechanisms of speciation, micro evolution, comparative genomics…

    And by the way Evolution is not an “ism” it is a school of thought with a great deal of evidence behind it, including the fossil record (and if you had taken comparative vertebrate anatomy you would understand why), hence it is referred to as Evolutionary Biology rather than Darwinism. But I understand why you write “evolutionism” because you want to make it sound like a belief and bring it down to the level of religion.

  5. Homo neanderthalensis, like Homo sapien, is a sub-species, not a ‘race’, of of the species Homo, from the Hominoid family.

    A ‘race’ is a division of humankind (homo sapien).

    Humans share 99.9% of the same genes as other humans, regardless of race. We all share 99.7% of Neanderthal’s genes. And 98.8% of a chimpanzee’s genes.

  6. Let me give you the most crucial and biggest evidence of evolution:
    You have a wife, you get a kid.
    This kid is not a clone of your split DNA.
    The kid is unique. His/her DNA is unique.
    This is caused by the “errors” which occour when the four acids, which forms the middle of the DNA strings.
    What may this cause?
    Let me give you a list.

    Cancer, blue eyes, albino features, taller offspring, stronger OR weaker bones, different brains (and the list goes on and on and on and on)

    In short terms – This causes evolution, which is a mix of change and the following events. One, and the most common event, when DNA changes, is flaws. Flaws that leads to death, eventually. Rarely, it leads to a better offspring, smarter, faster, dumber, slower or whatever necesary to sustain life.

    And before you get all “But then it had to come from another organism!” – No. DNA, RNA and even XNA has been created in labs, “artificially” from scratch. DNA, RNA and XNA are all chemical products. That’s it.

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