Impending Doom! Paranoid.


I have the feeling of impending doom.
It occurred to me that the time is ripe and odds are something big or a series of events are going to happen and it will conveniently play straight into Satan’s hands.
Another mass school shooting? A bunch of them?
Something is bound to happen that will make the sheeple beg for absolute tyranny… and when they think they have peace and safety…. sudden destruction will come.
I say this because Western civilisation is perched on the Brink.
And the powers that be are ready and waiting…so that when the poo enevitibly hits the fan that they have the advantage.
They may not orchestrate the event… Satan will take care of that! Yet they are poised and ready to take full advantage of any chaos to expand their grip on power.

I’m not a Seer… yet all the Augeries bode ill!
It’s my Paranoid intuition….


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