See you on the Dark side of the Moon… RIP Storm Thorgerson.


Storm Thorgerson, the man behind Dark Side of the Moon cover art, dies aged 69
Read about it Here:

From Face book… about Roger Waters The Wall.
“Storm was laid to rest earlier this week. music and art brought us together and was one of the unsaid bonds between our friendship and work together.

you had quite an adventurous and rich life storm and we are all the better for having had your art in ours. rest in peace my friend. i will miss you.”


Storm Thorgerson and Roger Waters


Read about other Great contributions Storm made for Music art Here:

Stone Free in the 1980’s… and 90s.
A Westy Bogan Life Here:

2 thoughts on “See you on the Dark side of the Moon… RIP Storm Thorgerson.”

  1. Our Mortality is one of the Great Facts of Human existance Richard, and is one of the chief reasons I spend so much time attempting to propigate faith in the Gospel of Grace.
    For the Saved Death is something spectacular… we get to meet Christ our Saviour, and Our Heavenly Father, and all our works of faith in this life will prove not to have been delusional or in vain.
    Death for us may be inescapible… yet still it will be great gain.

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