NZ Police: Brutalising the Old


(I’m not sure how to embed videos from TVNZ. But click anywhere on the above image to visit the ONE News website and the video will play automatically.)

Last time I posted about the NZ Police they were brutalising the sick. Now (it is alleged) they’re brutalising the old. A 64 year old woman was put in a headlock and her arms forced behind her back when she tried to pick up the phone. Her own phone, in her own home. She sustained severe bruising to her arms and face.

“We’re terrified of the police,” said one woman at a community meeting in the Paparoa Town Hall. And with good reason, it seems.

Once upon a time, police officers were among the most respected members of the community. That’s no longer so. Today, many otherwise law abiding people as well as actual criminals see them as “the filth”. Indisputably, there is corruption in the NZ Police. Who knows how much? I like to think that police corruption in New Zealand consists of “isolated pockets”. But I worry that police corruption is endemic. Regardless, the loss of respect for the police is something the police have brought upon themselves.

The War on Drugs™ plays a huge role in this. The incident reported in the video above is all over a few cannabis plants! Prohibition is unjust and those who enforce our drug laws commit injustices in doing so.

I’m optimistic that New Zealand will legalise cannabis soon. One day the War on Drugs™ will effectively be over. But when it’s all over, will the reputation of the NZ Police recover? The NZ Police support cannabis prohibition. Cannabis prohibition makes arresting people easy. Whether they’re being investigated for a real crime, or not. And they get to go for helicopter rides at the taxpayers’s expense. Will the police become better people when they have to put in real work to establish grounds to arrest and convict people for committing real crimes? Will the police attract a different class of recruit when the job perks no longer include free drugs and free helicopter rides? I’m pessimistic.

Heads up, peeps. I’m starting to have doubts about libertarianism itself. 😎

A few years ago, the Libertarianz Party merchandised some apparel with the slogan, “There’s No Government Like No Government.” And underneath, in smaller letters, “Unless it’s Very, Very Small.” The idea being that the proper role of government is limited to running a police force, a judiciary and an army. But should the government be involved even in these? I’m finding it hard to ignore the mounting evidence that our police force is corrupt and/or incompetent. And I already know that our justice system is severely compromised. Violent criminals get treated like victims, and lying murdering psychopaths walk free, thanks to show trials manipulated by a cynical MSM and obsessional narcissistic former All Blacks.

And, while I’ve yet to hear a bad word about the men and women of the New Zealand Defence Force (and I hope I don’t), I’m starting to wonder—should I abandon the label “Christian libertarian” in favour of “anarcho-monarchist”?

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  1. If we had a Libertarian society the police would not be beating up old woman over a few Cannabis plants Richard.
    Ie Things would be much better.
    It is ‘knee jerkin’ to derive from the socialist tyranny we suffer today… that *All government power is corrupt*…

  2. You think? I’m not so sure. I’m actually starting to worry that libertarianism is a bit of a compromise. I.e., that minarchism is like democracy in the Churchillian sense.

    As Ayn Rand pointed out, “a government holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force.” How can that not end badly? Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As you have said yourself elsewhere, there is only one perfect form of government. Until then … “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

  3. Yes, Reed.

    But what do you mean by ‘the Police’? And what does Paul mean by ‘the governing authorities’? Christian libertarians need to know!

  4. By “the Police” I mean the organisation and the individuals.

    And what does Paul mean by ‘the governing authorities’?

    What does Paul mean by “husbands”? 🙂

    Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.

    I don’t see any reason to think Paul was not speaking plainly.

    What about when a husband behaves badly?
    What about when a government behaves badly?

  5. Well whatever the outcome of it all is this, if we are meant to be grateful for a gang of god forsaken thugs in blue, we are in dire straights. Please send your love for the police to the woman in Paparoa who is still suffering. Along with Shane Legg suffering everyday of his life, because of a bad decision. Also give it to the nurse in Paparoa, who after calling for help, in an extremely life threatening incident involving a male, was shocked to see a policeman arrive at her home 3 days later, with the accused, wanting her to drop the charges, trying to bully her, needless to say a country woman will not be bullied, she had to threaten both of them with this ‘I will get my gun and shoot the both of yous if you dont leave’, I couldn’t use the language she used on this blog. I am thankful for the judgement that is waiting for all who choose Satans ways. Thinking specifically of this evil government.

  6. This is an add-on from last night. Why is it the police are targeting women in their 50s and 60s. We have a woman in our town, in her 50s, who lives very close to the local boobby. lol. I’l leave that mistake. He appears to be a reasonable guy, I even like him (what woman would’t with his physique) but the woman in question does not like him anymore. I suppose I wouldn’t like him either, if I were her, with the things she has had to endure. Because of various incidents involving his family, and her seeking justice, she has been busted on crap charges, and they had her on ebail. Pathetic, you would have thought she had split a guys face in half with an axe, which is exactly what one thug here did, and got a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket. The list is endless, and I could write a book on the grievances that me and many more like me have on this pseudo law inforcement agency.

  7. Hilda, I am reasonably familiar with Police corruption and corruption in other Government agencies too. Corruption happens in individuals and we are all corrupt to some degree.

    Much of the time Police provide a fair service. They do sort out violent offenders and the like.

    Aren’t you thankful that the Police deal with violent offenders?
    I am.

  8. Richard
    I don’t see any reason to think Paul was not speaking plainly.

    I think he was speaking plainly when he said “Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord”? But I do not think he was telling wives to submit to injustice or sinful behaviour.

    IMO Paul’s relationship with government was in a similar context.

    Christian Libertarians shouldn’t have a problem with a plain reading of Roman’s 13.

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