Cannabis: Better than legal highs but makes student “slower”

dopeI was at my kids school today and while I was waiting a couple of students were discussing their drug use. They indicated that they’d used legal highs but preferred cannabis. So I thought I’d ask a couple of questions…

Me: What do you think of “legal highs” being made illegal?
Student: [Shrugs shoulders] Don’t care. I’m smoking the real stuff now.
Me: Does that affect your schooling?
Student: Yeah. [chuckling] It makes me slower.

The other student didn’t speak to me but gestured that he agreed with his fellow student. He also chuckled when his friend admitted that cannabis made him slower.

One thought on “Cannabis: Better than legal highs but makes student “slower””

  1. Slower can be a good thing.
    More contemplative, rather than simply rushing though subjects and unquestioningly putting down the standard answers questions, which you were taught to write… leaning little.

    I can honestly say that I can attribute much of my individual perspective on things is due to sitting stoned and ‘mulling over things’ for hours on end… no rush… just interesting thought experiments, and off base questions.

    So it is false to assume ‘slower’ must mean ‘less intelligent’.
    It can actually mean more diligent.

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