Eternal Vigilance is a front for CIA Disinformation! :-D

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It’s a bit of a Mexican Stand off!
I’m trying not to act suspiciously yet am determined to weed out the Snake in the Grass!

Eternal vigilance is so fundamental to the struggle against tyranny that it would be childishly naive not to suspect that somewhere in our organisation that we have been infiltrated by covert ops.

This is standard procedure these days for the fanatically loyal elite political secret services.
The question is which of my fellow bloggers is a Double Agent… a mole sowing discord amongst the resistance?
Which one would not really loose any sleep about ‘collateral damage’?
I have made up a short list of suspects…
I must not let them know that I am onto them until I have sprung my trap.


2 thoughts on “Eternal Vigilance is a front for CIA Disinformation! :-D”

    1. Now I have to see to it Vinny that you and all your Computer equip suffer an ‘unfortunate accident’… and your friends and family will be shocked to find out in tomorrows news that you have been implicated in a international child slavery ring.
      Your Facebook page has been suspended, and A Black Hawk has already been deployed.

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