Go the extra 490km?

Matthew 5:41
If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.

[aside: This scripture amuses me. I feel sorry for any Roman Soldier that happened to choose an evangelical Christian to carry his stuff… and then found he had him for two miles. šŸ™‚ ]

This saying needs converting from Imperial – there are no longer Roman soldiers around forcing people to carry their equipment a mile – instead we have bureaucrats forcing compliance work on to everyone.

But what is the conversion factor fromĀ Roman Imperial to Modern Bureaucracy ? It seems like seventy times seven. I’m doing what feels like 490km of tax compliance work. How do I “go the extra mile” in this situation and if I manage it then won’t that just mean that all I’ve done is 980km? What good is there in that?

What was Jesus thinking?!

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