If he hits me should I leave?

Man comes home
woman is glad
until she discovers
that man is mad

Not again, not again, not again!
please make him leave me alone
woman’s prayers go unanswered, he hits her
as she lets out a quivering moan
man feels power so strong
such joy to hear her weep
how can he leave it at that
woman is still on her feet
he strikes her again on the face
this time she falls to the ground
she is hoping that blackness will come
so the world will stop spinning round
instead the spinning stops
with a blinding jolt of pain
woman’s pelvis starts trembling and twitching
as he kicks her again and again
man’s pelvis is twitching as well
though pain is not the cause
his foot changes course to her head
he erupts as he walks out the door

Woman is left in a heap
blackness is coming on fast
child is crying, the journey is long
child’s bedroom she reaches at last
unable to stand woman crawls to the crib
stretching her arms through the bars
she pacifies child while drifting
to a blackness of tiny white stars

– Pippi

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