Nazi Thugs just over the ditch! Australian Police State well advanced… New Zealand Bikers Beware!

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Harley Davidson rider James Evans, who has been stopped a startling 21 times since buying his fatboy motorcycle in 2012, finally filmed his latest incident.

Queensland Police Media have responded to Jamie’s video saying riders and the public have “nothing to fear” from the increased police presence. Jamie is a member of the Misfits Social Motorcycle Club and wears a “Misfits” vest when he rides… “I’ve been advised by the police on many occasions to take the vest off, but I will always wear my vest. I’m proud of it,” he says.
…However, the harassment has now got to the stage where he says he can’t take his nine-year-old son for a ride. “How do you explain to a nine-year-old that police aren’t bad but I ride a bike so they see me as being bad. He’d lose any respect he has for the police,” he says. Despite the grilling by several police, Jamie filmed the whole incident and managed to keep his sense of humor…. Read more >here< Auzzy bikers

Reports from Australia are becoming more grim every day.
It is fast becoming a brutal Police state!
Under the pretense of breaking up Organised crime, Australian legislators have empowered the Police to go on a rampage.
Not only are they going to extreme lengths with regards to 1%er Motorcycle clubs, but they are perpetrating extreme prejudice towards All bikers, People with Tattoos, etc… and shutting down vibrant Entertainment and business districts.

nom nom nom

Read this >>> The Australian Government Says If You Are Tattooed, You Are a Criminal.

And this>>>> Would the last person in Sydney please turn the lights out?

“Ruled by a succession of incompetent governments, everything in Sydney is now illegal- including fun.

Wild days over for middle-aged Kings Cross

“Love it or hate it, the verdict from certain quarters is in: Kings Cross is dead.
Gone are the bohemians, gone are the Yellow House artists, gone is the fringe, underground culture that, to some, gave the area its soul.”

auzzy lock out laws

Read >>> New alcohol laws now in place Sydney’s alcohol laws


With regards to the persecution of Bikers, Australian Draconianism and Thuggery has spawned opposition groups like Riders Against Discrimination

Read one of their disturbing FB posts… Australian Police are not just targeting Organised Crime syndicates… but ordinary Law abiding bikers….

Riders Against Discrimination – ‘RAD’
Page Liked · February 2 · Edited ·

We have today received a message along with some disturbing pictures from a social rider in Queensland.
We cannot share the pictures or mention the persons name on here as this may be going to court and we respect the request made by the victim of anonymity

At approx 7pm on Friday night this rider was pulled over for a ‘Random’ breath test and following this he was advised that there was to be a search of his bike and himself which he consented to. Nothing was found and so the male police officer asked him to remove his clothes at the side of the road for a strip search, he did not consent to this, aside from this not being a requirement for an RBT anyway last we heard, he was not comfortable as there was also a female officer present.

He then thought he should film anything further that might occur and when he advised the officer he was going to video any further interactions the officer attempted to take his phone away which he resisted and we have seen pictures of the injuries to his face and his arms which occurred during the struggle.

Once again if you think only club members are affected think again this was a social rider – not riding a Harley and wearing his vest with a few patches that were not club patches – EVERYONE is being targeted and we hope that this account reaches the people who are reviewing the VLAD laws as this is another account of the unacceptable nature of the laws and legislations which need to be abolished.

PLEASE SHARE and especially to the wider public who do not ride and need to understand why we are so passionate about the removal of the laws and we ask this question – how many car drivers were stopped at that same RBT last night and how many of them were subjected to further searches and asked to strip off at the side of the road?

DISCRIMINATION at its worst!

bikies descrimination

Now What is happening in Australia ought to be of concern to Every Liberty and Justice loving Human being, esp to us who ride to live… just across the ditch.
I read recently that ” The Hells Angels in Nelson” and that “the Police say they ‘wont tolerate’ them”.

I ask “Should New Zealand Bikers be worried about Auzzy Style Nazi Laws getting passed here ?”

Read on…

“Gang expansion in Nelson ‘won’t be tolerated'” – police….

The expansion of organised criminal gangs in Nelson will be not be tolerated, police say.

The comments follow reports that the Hells Angels has overthrown the longstanding Lost Breed motorcycle gang in Nelson.

Sources said the Lost Breed disbanded in late December after at least one senior member defected to the Hells Angels.

Tasman police district commander Karyn Malthus: “I think it’s intolerable to have gangs in our society full stop.”
Martin de Ruyter
Tasman police district commander Karyn Malthus: “I think it’s intolerable to have gangs in our society full stop.”

It is understood the Hells Angels has also taken over the Lost Breed gang pad in Fuji Court, Stoke.

Tasman police district commander Superintendent Karyn Malthus said police were working to “confirm and understand” what has happened.
However, she said the expansion of any gang in Nelson Bays “won’t be tolerated” by police.

“I think it’s intolerable to have gangs in our society full stop. We have a concerted focus against it. Whether it is the Lost Breed or the Hells Angels, they will get the same focus from police,” Malthus said.

“It is something that we will focus our energies on in combating organised crime – absolutely.”

Malthus declined to comment on what she described as “gossip and innuendo” around the Hells Angels’ expansion in Nelson.

She said gangs generally “only exist for criminal activity and we have to accept that, yes, methamphetamine plays a major part in their day-to-day business”.

The Hells Angels has been linked to the methamphetamine trade in New Zealand.

Detective Sergeant Chris Roberts, officer in charge of the Tasman Organised Crime Unit, said police will act on any information and intelligence they get regarding gang criminal offending in the region.

“It’s business as usual for us. If there’s any offending we can look at, we will. Certainly we don’t want criminal gangs expanding in the district. If they’re there to commit offences, they’ll be policed accordingly.”

He said there had been no suggestion of “inter-gang friction” in the region.

“If that came to the fore we’d be out there looking to deal to it,” Roberts said. “That’s what we’re here for – to protect the public and to continue preventing crime.”

Read more >here< *************************** Now as a Libertarian and a NZ biker I ask What the flock are the Nelson police going to do about all this? They will probably use their old tactics, which include undercover operations... and salivate about *Big Raids and Mass Busts*.... you know.... the Drug war Bullshit ... same shit that made Al Capone Filthy Rich and super dangerous... Yet I am concerned that they may also Lobby parliament* or council to pass Auzzy style Nazi laws against Biker Clubs.


Now I have nothing against the Police arresting violent dangerous criminals…. nothing against the Police breaking up organised crime syndicates… yet the way parliaments like Australia function is that they use shitty excuses like Gang violence to pass Evil laws which end up violating the rights and liberties of Everyone… and give the Police evil powers to Fuck over peaceful people who are not guilty of any wrong doing…. Like most bikers…. and that is what is happening in Australia. *Right now*… and what most of the arsehole sheeple of New Zealand (who dont ride) would love to see happen here.

And on this subject of ‘organised crime’…. instead of passing such nasty anti-freedom laws… which actually make more people hate the Police, parliament should end the war on drugs… That would put an end to a massive proportion of the violence that is associated with organised crime and bikers.
A reform like that would actually *improve* relations between the people and the police.
And Biker clubs that don’t get involved in serious organized crime could be left in peace… as they should be.
There are also principles of justice which ought to protect the freedom of association of everyone… just because a some gang members may commit certain crimes, this is not justification for holding *other members* of that gang responsible for the crimes of their associates.

*Yet many in the police… the courts… politicians… and most of the sheeple despise such principles and safeguards for individual liberty and justice because it makes their job harder to do…. they prefer the easy way… the un-principled bigoted way… that panders to their hatred… and dont give a shit about principles of justice…. they simply want the power to fuck over people and groups they hate or fear.

And in the process Liberty and thousands of innocent people get stomped on by the system… but hey that’s just business as usual in shitty Socialist democracies that fill their jails with peaceful people.
Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.
New Zealand Biker.

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Valentines day arrest

EXCLUSIVE: 7 News has obtained exclusive pictures of a violent arrest on the Gold Coast.#7News

Posted by 7 News Queensland on Thursday, February 25, 2016

10 thoughts on “Nazi Thugs just over the ditch! Australian Police State well advanced… New Zealand Bikers Beware!”

  1. Riders Against Discrimination – ‘RAD’
    Page Liked · 1 hr · Edited ·

    This picture highlights that the harrassment against riders does include all riders, it’s not only about which club you are in or whether it’s a social club or not – even vets who fought for the freedom of the people they are being harrassed by are targets.

    There is so much irony in this picture which was taken in Kalgoorlie in August 2015!

    (see pic here>)

  2. You can’t judge a man by his tatts….

    VICTIMISED, harassed and misjudged, Tony ‘Top Hat’ Moroney could be forgiven for walking away from his one real passion in life — and no it’s not riding a motorcycle.
    Tony takes the utmost pleasure in helping sick kids. His days are filled with fundraising activities aimed at easing children’s pain and discomfort while also helping to lighten their parent’s load.
    But with his body almost completely covered in tattoos, many are quick to judge. He’s been turned away from fundraisers because of his looks, with some people making the assumption that he must be trying to get money for himself.
    “I think it’s disgusting the way some people think they can discriminate against and judge others, just because of the way they look,” he says.
    “I don’t think I or anyone else for that matter deserves to be discriminated against. No one knows what someone else is going through at any given moment.”
    While taking part in a ‘bras for bikes’ fundraiser the police were even called on him. When approached by an officer trying to sort things out, Tony explained exactly who he was and not only did the policeman fall all over himself apologising, he dug deep into his own pocket to give a donation.
    Read more….

  3. Jarrod Gilbert: Beat-up on bikies an assault on all of our rights

    While many will agree that bikies are of bad character, if they are not breaking any laws should they be punished?

    If you answer, “yeah, I don’t give a damn about bikies”; take a second to consider who else might be deemed of bad character and who gets to decide that. Things quickly get troublingly arbitrary.

    And it gets no better, the laws used against Little Mick and Kiwi are designed to keep them – and the public – in the dark. Both men are taking their fight to court but it isn’t easy when the police use secret evidence. How do you mount a defence when you have no idea what is being alleged? The power afforded to the police is considerable but the lack of disclosure also means public scrutiny is absent. And consider this: whatever was in the police files, none of it was serious or credible enough to bring charges against either Mick or Kiwi.

    Principles of natural justice, the rights of citizens to freely associate, and the universality of such rights are not small topics. Rarely are we challenged on these issues by easy cases; invariably we are tested on difficult ones involving unpopular people or groups. Judging by the debates in Australia, one of the hardest things is making clear that supporting the rights of bikies is not an endorsement of bikies per se it’s an endorsement and defence of Western democratic ideals.

    Yesterday morning Ross Kemp called again. He’s planning a holiday to Australia. I updated him on the deteriorating plights of Little Mick and Kiwi and he attempted to lift the mood with a joke: You reckon I might be arrested when I land? We laughed before wondering if it was actually beyond the realm of possibility for a journalist to be deemed of bad character. And that’s the kicker: universal rights not only represent the best of humanity, they serve to safeguard us all.

    First they came for the bikies and I did not speak out because I wasn’t a bikie …

  4. I dont have a problem with the Government breaking up *Real organised crime syndicates that are committing crimes of violence* … yet these types of Laws have been used to persecute *All Bikers*… and that is the way the Pigs operate. (No wonder people join outlaw clubs!)
    And the real problem with this is that they can *convict* people on Bogus politically manufactured charges… then having labeled them criminals… ban their associations…. and this could affect far more than Bikers… but virtually anyone whom the government has been able to convict via their Political Machiavellianism.
    It is esp corrupt because they seek to also stop any means by which people affected can rally the people and organise protests and support in their defense… and I wonder how long it will be before we see NZ politicians attempting the same BS here.
    When (not if) they do NZ bikers ought to open a legal fighting fund /bank account for those members whom are keen to mount a collective legal challenge to any of this sort of poorly written… poorly police interpreted tyranny that will surely attack *all bikers* esp clubs.

    Bikie gangs to be crippled by new laws…

  5. Katarina Kirikiri
    9 hrs ·
    This guy was sitting outside KFC Mangere east on his motorbike minding his own business his bike was also out of the way of pedestrians the cops were sitting across the road at mangere east library doing something else then they came across the road to where the man was sitting on his motorbike minding his own business the cops approached him ripped the keys out off the mans ignition and started going on to him about the land transport act because he was parked on the footpath the cops then asked for his license so he started searching in his bag for his licence thats when i witnessed the cops slam him down onto his motorbike he didn’t do anything to the cops to make them wanna do this to him the cops then started getting really rough with him hitting the poor guy with a batten one of the cops were laughing at him thinking it was funny this is then when i started recording cause the guy was yelling out for someone to record what’s happening to him once i started recording the cops then started to change there ways of how they were handling him
    i felt so sorry for this poor guy i hope something gets done about this

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