Now I lay me down to sleep…. The filthy Rags of Our Moral Expedience.

(Ruff Draft)
Over that last few evenings, having entered a discussion on the basis Morality…. and not being a fan of arguments that claim Morality is founded upon Utility/ expedience … Rules that tend towards the benefit and happiness of humanity…. and being absolutely exhausted I was just on my way to bed… and as usual this entails thinking about the ultimate meaning of life and whether or not I am on the right road… or heading to Oblivion… and more importantly… am I leading my Children towards the Truth… or a massive lie…. etc.
I was then evaluating ‘Christianity’… and if it turned out to be a gigantic delusion… and monumental fraud…. and that such an eventuality thereby would inevitably make me *the worst Father* in the world… by filling my children’s heads with falsehoods.
*My next thought* was why a came back down to Facebook to make this comment….
*I realiesd… that even if Christianity was false… *That the system of Values it establishes… and their conducive-ness to infusing in the faithful… a sence of meaning and value… actually Enriches life…. despite the fact that in this senerio… it is all just a myth*… so by this line of reasoning…. though I am teaching a lie…. nevertheless my Children would * benefit*/ be happier better people… because they bought into my delusion…. so that would *Vindicate* me as being actually a good father… *if utility* was the moral standard.
And here is my point…. *That has to be bullshit!*
*What is important*…. is the Truth!
Even if the truth is painful… and conducive to un-happier nihilistic…children.
*So Utility* cannot be what defines morality…. *The naked Truth* does…. irrespective of consequence to Humanity.
So whether or not I am a Good Father, or the worst Father ever is fully depended on me Teaching my children *Truth*…. ie on the Truthfulness of my Christian faith…. that is what the legitimacy of the entire edifice of my Values and morality hangs.
I know this…. This is the weight that a Father much carry… must understand the magnitude of his responsibility to his children, friends, and neighbors.

Ultimately… Expedience, Utility…. are meaningless. It’s the Truth that matters.

If Christ be not risen… I am the most miserable of men.
Yet if I am Correct…. I am (at least on this count) a Good Father, friend, and neighbor.

I realise that we Sons and daughters of Fallen Adam live in such a sorry condition that we face Moral conundrums in which we appear to be forced to choose between two or more Evils….and that by choosing the lesser, we act on expedience…. and Utility…. yet such ‘Righteousness’ as ours is as Filthy Rags to God Almighty.
God may ‘tolerate’ such behavior…. under grace… yet there is no hope…. no Righteousness outside Christ.

See Here> how God might tolerate us *to lie* …. God’s Grace, Libertarianism, and Anne Frank

Tim Wikiriwhi.
King James Bible believer.
Christian Libertarian

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