Israeli Rabbi Chananya Weissman’s 31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine.

Read/ download/ print the document from here Israeli Rabbi Chananya Weissman’s 31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine

Above is the definitive declaration on informed and prudent concerns about the Mass Covid 19 Vaccination scheme and a rational basis for refusing to consent.

Like Rabbi Chanaya Weissman I too do not trust the people involved, nor do I believe the risk/benefits are weighted in favour of taking these experimental treatments.

To have a good grasp of what is at stake a person need not go any further than digesting the points made within this document, and go research and fact check them for themselves.

Everyone who shares these concerns ought to download and save copies of this document, and share it with their Family, friends.

It ought to be printed in the thousands and handed out in city squares and dropped in every letterbox.

Because it exposes the dirty game the Globalists and Government are playing, it may ‘disappear’ off the net.
For that reason I have included screen shots of the document below yet I would prefer readers to click the link provided (Above) to read and share it from it’s original source.

The Authorities will certainly be displeased with anyone found distributing it to the public and I have no doubt they will instruct the police to harass and find grounds to arrest any dissident distributing this document in public squares, and to seize and destroy all copies in their possession.

Yet still I believe the crisis we face from government tyranny to merit running such personal risks… for Evil prevails when good people do nothing.
Be bold, stand up for your principles, Yet be prepared to maintain your peaceful and lawful composure if confronted by Law enforcement who seek to intimidate you into silence.
Have video recording your activism.

5 thoughts on “Israeli Rabbi Chananya Weissman’s 31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine.”

  1. Covid-19: PM Jacinda Ardern will be publicly vaccinated prior to general population

    “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will publicly receive the Covid-19 vaccine before the general population in a bid to prove its long-term safety.

    Ardern, speaking to the AM Show on Monday, said she would receive the vaccine before the middle of 2021, when officials expect to be inoculating the public.

    “I’ll do it publicly and for those interested they can watch it. I’ve been really mindful of not taking a vaccine from someone else who it’s really critical for … There are people who are at risk and I’m not one of them.

    “I do want to demonstrate that it’s not only safe to take at the time but long term it’s safe, and so I will do it early on … before we start the mass rollout.”
    The Government has begun providing the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to border workers, considered most at risk of being infected with Covid-19, and intends to vaccinate healthcare workers next.

    There has been concern people will not take up the vaccine. Ministry of Health research has shown 24 per cent of people surveyed were unlikely to accept the vaccine if it was offered to them.

    Of these people, 16 per cent took a firmer line and said they would not accept the vaccine.

  2. Employment lawyer on the issues around employees refusing to get vaccinated

    An employment lawyer says you can’t fire someone for not wanting the Covid-19 vaccine.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says frontline border workers who haven’t been vaccinated will need to start being moved into “low risk” roles from Monday.

    Health officials say about 20 per cent of our border workers have not yet had their jabs.

    Chris Scarrott told Heather du Plessis-Allan there’s no case law on this yet in New Zealand, which makes things uncertain.

    He says their view is you can’t dismiss someone, and may need to look at moving them to other parts of the workforce.

    Listen to the interview…

  3. Chest Pain, Paralysis, Seizures: Woman Details HORRIFIC J&J Covid Vaccine Side Effects from Hospital Bed

    Just had the J+J Vaccine…. Never had seizures before… yet No medical staff will admit the vaccination is the most likely cause!
    Yeah…. talk about collusion.
    They don’t want to admit *their Snake oil* is the cause.

    What is blowing away the medical establishment is that now patients have the technology to broadcast these sorts of adverse reactions that in the past could easily be hushed up … and the scale of this Medical Scandal is an outrage!
    The so called medical staff are too scared or indoctrinated to speak out about what is really going on.
    We can see why Socialist Governments want to get control of the internet, and use AI Algorithms to hunt out and block streaming that exposes their programs as dangerous…. because they want to keep the populations stupid and gullible, and submissive to their tyranny.

    What is also amazing is watching friends and family’s Cognitive dissonance when they are confronted with this empirical evidence!
    They have an automatic shield … a fire wall… which will not allow them to properly evaluate the mounting evidence… and so they simply resort to name-calling and other derogatory devices to excuse rejecting what they don’t want to acknowledge… and they are hell bent on maintaining the lies of the Medical establishment.
    They label people like myself as Nutcase conspiracy theorists.
    Meanwhile poor young girls like this are having their lives destroyed.

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