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Just added a new blog to the blogroll.

Pursuing to comprehend how the facts of life compile universal truth is the single most honorable, difficult, and critical endeavor that a man may engage in. It requires all of the self; and consumes it like a ravenous fire: painfully and mercilessly removing all that is weak, faulty, and impure in a man, to temper and reveal an inner core of strength, righteousness, and unshakable personal serenity.

Sounds good. Also sounds kind of familiar … but why is half of it in bloody Russian?!

Never mind, it’s the perfect excuse to post some more brutal Russian death metal. šŸ™‚

No Future

I had a look around YouTube to find some suitably apocalyptic death metal to mark the end of the world Mayan calendar. Spoilt for choice! But here’s my pick, Russian death metallers Fetal Decay with No Future from their second album You Have No Choice. (Sorry about that, runners up. The judge’s decision is final!)

(No future? You have no choice? Wrong! When the world really ends, you do have a future—if you make the right choice now. Take heed of what Tim said. The Judge’s decision is final!)