SkyCity worker disciplined over Bible

If you think Christians are free from discrimination in this country, think again. (Note that the MSM doesn’t even have the courtesy—or the literacy—to capitalise ‘Bible’.)

SkyCity worker disciplined over bible

A SkyCity Casino worker has been threatened with dismissal for carrying a pocket bible with her when she works.

Last week Tuni Parata, who has been a SkyCity employee for more than a decade and is currently a tower host at the casino, received a letter to attend a disciplinary meeting on Thursday over alleged misconduct for breaching departmental policies.

The letter said that the possible outcome of the meeting was “a final written warning”.

Mike Treen, Unite union national director, said the action was “absurd”.

“Since when does carrying a bible in your pocket become unlawful in New Zealand workplaces. For some Christians carrying a bible on the person at all times is a vital part of their faith and relationship to God.

“We do not believe that ordering staff not to carry a pocket bible is a lawful or reasonable instruction in a workplace in the 21st Century.”

Treen said the union had tried to reason with the company. “We tried to explain that the image the company is getting for its unhealthy relationship with the government will not be assisted by this stupidity… However our efforts fell on deaf ears.

Calls to SkyCity were not returned.

It’s good to see Mike Treen doing something useful, though! Good luck with this one, Mike.

[Hat tip: Darryl Ward]

4 thoughts on “SkyCity worker disciplined over Bible”

  1. Apparantly this is not a case of Religious persecution but simply a security policy regarding a prohibition on staff bringing in personal items.
    Yet even if it were persecution, Christians would be within their rights to be upset about it, but not to go the Law over it…to force the employer to allow ‘bibles’ on their premises.

  2. Well done, Mike Treen.

    Casino backs down over Bible

    Tuni Parata, the SkyCity Casino worker under fire for carrying a pocket Bible at work, has been told she can keep the book in her pocket and will not face disciplinary action.

    Parata met SkyCity executives at the Auckland offices of the Unite union this afternoon, and it was decided an exception would be made to the company’s uniform policy to allow her to carry a Bible with her as she worked.

    I think that SkyCity has made the right call.

    And I think that has also made the right call. They are now capitalising ‘Bible’. I guess they read my blog post! šŸ™‚

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