I hate these signs and the thinking behind them.

Car theft occurs when you encourage it.

Rape occurs when women encourage it.

Terrorism occurs when America encourages it.

4 thoughts on “Blowback!”

  1. It matters not if you like something or not Reed.
    Facts are facts.
    This Evil Human phenomena is evidence that we live in a paradise lost.
    The innocent are preyed upon.
    Human wickedness is to a large degree opportunistic.
    Gullibly/and unnecessarily presenting opportunity for evil is foolishness.
    This is a pure fact of reality.
    We all know that Teenage girls ought not hitchhike alone, and that if they do and something happens to them that they are partially to blame for their own fate… just as a fool whom wanders about in the wilderness is responsible for themselves being eaten by bears.
    TheEvil may indeed be totally the Rapists fault… yet we know that certian behaivyour is foolish and results in otherwise avoidable suffering.
    To deny this self responciblity is to deny reality.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Car theft happens when a car thief breaks into your car.
    There is a sign on our street that is even more “blame the victim” than this one. I’ll report back.
    Why do the police want to reduce crime anyway. Won’t it do them out of a job?

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