Beer Schoolin Richard G …. Porter Ale is King!

renaissance porter 005

What a fine drop this is!!!!
6% too! šŸ˜€
Take note Richard G of the statement below!
esp… “Beer of Choice”…. “a supprising effective accompaniment for Dark chocolate, coffee,…”


Elemental is our most awarded beer, it has won gold medals in Australia and New Zealand and for a time it was rated New Zealand’s top beer, no mean feat for a porter of moderate alcohol and a balanced finish.

Originally the beer of choice for workers in Londonā€™s produce markets, the beer was a mixture of the previous nights slops that the “porters” would drink when they clocked off at dawn. Porter is also Andy’s all time favourite beer style. Brewed in the modern ā€˜robustā€™ style, Elemental Porter is a rich, full bodied brew with plenty of dry, dark chocolate and roasty malt flavours which gradually give way to a cleansing hop-driven finish.

Not intuitively thought of as as a food beer it is a surprisingly effective accompaniment for:

ā€¢Dark chocolate
ā€¢Coffee or berry-based desserts
ā€¢Blue cheese
ā€¢Barbecued meats
And although historically it was a sunrise beer, we think nowadays it is probably more suited to an be served after dinner with desserts and cheese, although if you want to drink it at day break, we’re not going to stop you.


Andy and Brian

^^^^quote is from here:

Tim W 001
Grunge Miester Tim Wikiriwhi Queenstown Motorcamp. New Years Day 1999.
That’s a Montieths Black… Porter Ale! …. actually may be a Black Mac. šŸ™‚
My Fav beer for 20 odd years has been Waikato Draught, yet that was notoriously hard to get on the Mainland, and so on that ‘mission’ I was buyin up Montieths Black (you can get it by the Jug down there!) and also swillin Black Macs.
That bottle looks more like a Mac one than a Montieths.
And for the record both Black Montieths and Black Macs are bloody good ales!
Despite being bought out by Big Brewers…
I present that quote from Renaissance Brewing as evidence against previous remarks by my fellow blogger… re My endorsement of both Porter Ale and in particular Boundary Road Chocolate Porter Ale.

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8 thoughts on “Beer Schoolin Richard G …. Porter Ale is King!”

  1. I present that quote from Renaissance Brewing as evidence against previous remarks by my fellow bloggerā€¦ re My endorsement of both Porter Ale and in particular Boundary Road Chocolate Porter Ale.

    But the evidence is *for* my previous remarks! šŸ˜€

    … it is a surprisingly effective accompaniment for:

    Dark chocolate
    Coffee or berry-based desserts
    Blue cheese
    Barbecued meats

    Read it again carefully, Tim! The Renaissance Elemental Porter Ale is an *accompaniment* to the listed foods, i.e., you drink the beer *with* the listed foods. You don’t put the listed foods *in* the beer. The idea of meat flavoured beer is wrong on so many levels. Brewers sometimes do put dark chocolate in the beer, but the results are never good, e.g., the Boundary Road Brewery Chocolate Porter Ale.

    Even worse is to put vegemite in the beer, e.g., Monteith’s Black and Black Mac.

    Tuatara London Porter is the real deal.

  2. “Coopers Best Extra Stout is very good as well, and it is 6% alcohol.”

    Mark, I just opened a bottle… I’ll let ya know when I get to the bottom!
    I had a Pitch Black stubby earlier. It’s nice, yet I think it tasted better from the Tap @ the House Bar last Thursday night.
    That is an interesting quirk… Bottle vs Tap….

  3. Brewing campaign

    A keen local beer connoisseur, who asked to be anonymous, has produced two brews with a specific local body election feel. The enthusiastic home brewer, in collaboration with Libertarianz candidate Tim Wikiriwhi, put down an Election Porter and an Election Coffee Porter, originally scheduled for consumption on or around the time of the local body elections. The Times has been provided two of the election brews and will report back to readers on their quality. The batch was even given its own impressive label.

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