20 thoughts on “Monism vs. Dualism”

  1. Reed, let your “epistemologically yes” be epistemologically yes and your “metaphysically no” be metaphysically no, so that you may not fall under condemnation.

  2. Could you explain your position a bit more?

    It seems to me that EITHER monism is true, OR dualism is true, OR NEITHER is true, but I hardly think they can BOTH be true. Seeing as they overtly exclude one another.

    Or am I posing a false choice?

  3. On further reflection I consider my original post to be inaccurate. I had not considered that there is more than one type of monism and more than one type of dualism.

    The question I ask myself is whether I am a monist or a dualist. The answer is yes and yes and also no and no. For me, the question is not one of fact but of perspective. There is an epistemological distinction but no metaphysical distinction.

  4. For me, the question is not one of fact but of perspective. There is an epistemological distinction but no metaphysical distinction.

    The distinction between monism and dualism is a metaphysical distinction by definition.

    I think epiphenomenalism is under-rated.

  5. When a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?

    Those that answer “yes” and those that answer “no” have a metaphysical distinction contained in their meaning of “sound” but no distinction in fact.

  6. When a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?

    Many philosophers—particularly amateur philosophers, and ancient philosophers—share a dangerous instinct: If you give them a question, they try to answer it.

    Like, say, “Do we have free will?

  7. God is a Spirit.
    Jesus is God.
    Great is the mystery of Godliness *God was Manifest in the Flesh.*
    *God incarnate*
    The Spirit occupies the Body…. The spirit is not a product of the Body.

  8. God moves in a mysterious way
    His wonders to perform;

    Haha. Are you reading my mind?

    No. I’m not actually Jesus, remember? Or didn’t you read my latest comments?

    I wrote and deleted a comment about a fried egg?

    Are you sure it was an egg?!

  9. Yes God capital g represents the true God.
    Little god is a false god.
    Yet let me say that I think one of the reasons I think that I put capitals in the wrong places is because I studied Engineering and Tec-drawing at High school and we were taught to print everything in capitals as that was how they wanted it done on our drawings.
    Plus when I was at high school I loathed English as a subject and did not read anything or enjoy writing.
    I had already planned to become an Engineer when I left school and so I just pissed about in English class and had opted out by 5th form.
    The Ironic thing is that developed a Love of Reading and writing about 3 years after Highschool when I got Saved …. yet as you can see the damage was done …
    Also at least 50% of the book I have read were written 100-200 years ago and the Grammar and spelling is very different. Then you have ‘American spell check systems’ which incorrect me when I am right…. and ultimately I am wallowing in utter confusion!
    Language is not ‘objective’ like Math…. it is full of arbitrary rules which differ all the time and place… and you cant ‘deduct’ what is right for yourself.
    All you grammar ‘Pharisees’ would write the King James Bible off as a complete Fuck up by today’s ‘rules’ and diction. .. and yet it is a masterpiece…. the standard of excellence Par None!…. Talk about an insane world.
    All this has resulted in an uncontrollable unconscious reflex to hit the shift key!
    Yet I still do that when I write freehand…. so it’s a mental glitch….

  10. Even if you’d paid attention at school you wouldn’t have learned (or learnt?) the capitalisation rules. English is not taught properly in NZ schools. When I was homeschooling my kids I got some help from a high school english teacher and she couldn’t answer the grammar questions I asked her. I think if you want to be taught english grammar in NZ schools you have to take latin.

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