Looking Forward, not Backwards: Dynamic Culture vs Stagnation. Why British Colonisation was good for Maori.

The coming of the Maori to Aotearoa.

I have just posted a reply to a private facebook Status, which I cannot share here.
The Status was by a Maori who had just descovered that the word ‘Maori’ was ‘invented’ by the Pakeha, and this descovery has made them want to divest themselves of that ‘fully colonised’ title and instead to redefine themselves as “TANGATA WHENUA”. (People of the Land)

It seems to have escaped them that the Pre-colonial Maori people did not call themselves “TANGATA WHENUA” either.
That term was used to describe the people who were already here when Maori arrived in their Waka. Back in the Day Maori took great pride in the fact that they were decendants of great navigators whom had migrated here, yet today that part of Maori traditional pride has been conveniently forgotten because the political scheem to claim ‘indigenous rights’.

The Status finnishes with an expression of love to Maori ‘Peeps’ and an appeal to them to ‘De-colonise yourselves’.

This Status is a sad yet powerful testimony to toxic anti-colonization indoctrination which is systematically generating an apartheid hatred and Race relations disaster in New Zealand and setting up Maori Children to perpetuate the poverty and terrible statistics which are the lot of many today.
The ‘closing the Gaps’ socialist policies, and political favoritism has not led to Maori betterment, but to entrenched dependence and a hateful racist and victim mindset … not self reliant empowerment … not High personal ethics.

My reply is below.

I know this a very sensitive subject.
May I say a few words from my own perspective.
It is true that Missionaries from England introduced, not only many new helpful skills , but also many new words. They ‘invented’ the written Maori language and thereby saved much Maori culture from being lost by the passage of time.
The tribes of Pre Treaty times were very keen to have a missionary living in their communities. They were quick to appreciate the great store of wisdom they brought, and to assimilate many of their ways… like wearing English clothing, Their Buildings (The design of the Meeting house we all love is a post-European design, they did not exist prior to the Missionaries).
What this proves is that our ancestors were very smart and progressive, and wisely learned and assimilated things of value from the Europeans… not just cows, apples, nails… but Ideas, values, etc…and this was good for Maori.
We must understand that a Good Culture is always progressing, not stagnating, not trapped by backward superstition, not adverse to new enlightened ideas or better ways of doing things.
Thus it is a credit to our ansestors that they were quick to abandon many of their primitive traditional ways and embrace the advantages That British civilisation offered.
It is so sad that Many Maori are being taught today to have a dreamy idea that to be a ‘real Maori today we must picture ourselves as being like our stone age ancestors, and seek to ‘De-colonise’ ourselves.


Sad because the truth is We modern Maori have gained so much from colonization, yet we are taught by the political activists to think colonization was all bad… all an evil plot. This is how the Maori people are being deceived into supporting the Separatist movement, and are being steered away from the most vital and important realities they need to understand to prosper via their own efforts rather than seeking Political interventions, hand outs, and favoritism.
Modern Maori Boys need to see themselves as Doctors, Engineers, scientists, Electricians… not warriors.
We Maori ought to first think of ourselves as Honest hard working individuals… not as members of a race.
That is secondary.
The first is something we have control and self responsibility for.
The second is merely a fortunate birthright.
And it is essential that we ought to treat everyone else with equal respect… irrespective of their race, and teach our children this respect as well because without this important humanitarian value they are in danger of becoming hateful racists.
It was belief in the Equality of all human beings which brought the Missionaries to New Zealand to share the Gospel of Christ with the Maori people whom were lost in darkness and superstition.
Thus I am saying it is a good thing to teach our children to take pride in their Maori heritage, yet not good to teach them that this is of the highest importance.
There is a whole layer of personal/ universal values which they must take even greater personal pride in because they will shape and define who they are *as individuals* and how they will treat others.


They need to learn skills like engineering, science, etc which will help them to provide for themselves and their families … and take pride in being Modern independent self reliant and humanitarian Maori, whom compete and hold their own in society on equal terms with other Kiwi… not blaming others for their own lack of achievement… happy to struggle and save, and slowly become more prosperous through good values, thrift, and honest hard work… and always being loving towards others in our society.
This is my vision of how a want my children to grow up.
I want them to be enlightened, honest and caring… not racist… not trapped in a mythical past. I hope they take what is good from Maori tradition, yet forsake all the negative and twisted Political propaganda which attempts to say Colonization was only evil and generates serious race hatred.
In my view to be a Real Maori it does not require any special rights, or Laws.


I know what I have written here will be very difficult for some Maori to swallow.
It is so contrary to the view of history they have been taught , and to the twisted politically motivated idea that We are supposed to put our Sanitized/ idealized ‘primitive Maori heritage’ first… to be on the Maori electoral roll… to support treaty separatism… if we want to claim to be ‘Real Maori’.

Thus I offer a complete alternative in which I dream of A New Zealand with one law for all, and that Maori can enjoy and revel in their heritage without demanding political favoritism or special rights… or Millions of dollars stolen from Everyone via taxation.
My vision is one of racial harmony.

I know that I am virtually alone at present in my vision.
I know some reading this will hate me for my views.
That make me very sad, because I seek to enlighten the Maori people so that they can save themselves from the political evils of racial separatism and race based laws… save themselves from welfare dependence, poor health, terrible crime statistics, etc…. which cannot be fixed via Political interventions but must be done by Maori themselves taking personal responsibility for their own predicaments and determining to make the ethical changes, and put in the hard yards, and teach their children self reliance… not hatred.
This is the way ahead for Maori.
I sincerely believe this, and spend my life preaching this gospel of self responsibility, of equality before the Law, of the ethics of Humanity first.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

79 thoughts on “Looking Forward, not Backwards: Dynamic Culture vs Stagnation. Why British Colonisation was good for Maori.”

  1. You are absolutely correct Tim.
    We have as a nation patronised people with Maori ancestry.
    That must stop.
    All of us need our feet held to the fire and none more so than Maori ‘grievers’ to quote JA.

  2. Tim, I have long hoped that a Maori Kiwi with strong Achiever values would one day stand with me in my campaign to make New Zealand a truly colourblind state.

    One of my goals, which I have not dared mention until now, is that my efforts to cajole Maori into following the inclusive path of their old leaders rather than the divisive path of their new ones, might in time be appreciated by Maori.

    By colourblind state, I do not mean, as some twist it, a state blind to people of colour! (Not that I like that expression. What am I — transparent?)

    I mean a state where justice is blind to a person’s skin colour as any sort of defining characteristic of who they are. We are white. We are brown. We are yellow. We are black. So what? We are human, that’s what matters.

    The law, if it is to be applied fairly, must see no difference.

    In a colourblind state, all citizens have the same rights, live under the same law, vote on the same roll, and when they decide to spend their taxes helping those in need, they do it because of their need, not because of their race.

    It looks to me as though you may be the person I’ve been looking for.

    You are the first Maori to support me publicly, though many others have done so privately.

    You are the first to regularly and relentlessly echo the uplifting call of the great Maori leader Sir Peter Buck when he counselled his people to “Beware of separatism. The Maori can do anything the Pakeha can do, but in order to achieve this we must all be New Zealanders first “.

    I am proud that you have volunteered to organise my Hamilton meeting, and I will be very proud to stand with you on that stage.

    When a white man like me dares to suggest to Maori that they should change their cultural priorities, it is understandably seen by many as impertinent, if not insulting. I am not Maori. My main interest is not Maori.

    But a strong and fearless Maori man like you can do so much more. You can light the path and set the example.

    I’m looking forward to that meeting more than any other.

  3. Thank you Don, MJO… and esp thank you John for those words of support.
    I hope our Hamiltion meeting is a success, it will be great to meet you.
    There is much work to be done.

  4. Brilliant, Tim. I do hope your words inspire other people of Maori descent to act and feel the same. They certainly inspired me. You are so right in everything you say and it gives me some hope for this country after all.

  5. Maybe you can get a slot on the Willie and JT show. Although they’d try shutting you down much like the dp everyone else whose a threat to their inexorable separatist gravy train that both are making a fortune from. What’s needed is more maori like yourself standing up and saying it like it is. Good luck.

  6. Best thing John Ansell can do for you Tim, is to teach you how to use a spell-checker. And FGS Tim, stop using the word “whom”. You get it wrong EVERY time, and you always have. Use “who” and you will not go wrong. Keep using “whom” wrongly: you come across as a wanker.

  7. Well said, Tim. I always find it disappointing that there are not more Maoris with the same honest perspective who are prepared to stand up and say so. Such opinions are held by a number of Maoris, but we rarely hear from them. Your article is a powerful challenge to them to speak out, and to follow their words with the actions needed to end the slide towards separatism and greedy self-interest. We all must stop looking back to an increasingly distant past and move forward together – truly as “one people”.

  8. I see that John Ansell’s entire national support team of 6 people have arrived to cheer you on, Tim. You could be Ansell’s support team member ‘whom’ has the lucky number 7, Tim.

  9. Ha ha ha Tony… There is no hope in respect to my spelling.
    I do use spell check.
    What is amazing is how you guys who can spell…. write so little in defence of liberty, Equality, and Justice.
    If you guys employed you vast education to the cause well then ignorant wankers like me would not need to step forward and make an ass of our unlearned selves.

  10. Oh, Tim. Not at all, I have been one of NZ’s most ardent proponents of equality and justice. You would be amazed at the lengths I have gone to in this cause, and the lengths I will be going to in days to come. (Notice my avatar). My causes are mostly fought offline though, not on the internet.

    Want to support John Ansell, Tim? Make it a condition that you will not do so, till he has actually formed the party he has been talking about fraudulently for over a year now, with no intention of doing anything about it. Problem with his fake stance, is that while people believe John Ansell will form a party, others who might actually form a party, are not getting off their arse and doing so.

    Ansell is a blabber-fest. All talk and no action.

  11. Your message Tim came from the heart and is one we ALL need to heed to be able to “Walk Tall”. Thank you for putting it so well.

    Tony; some people go in cock eyed, shoot from the hip and act without thinking, John Ansell is not one of these people. He has already made his mark as a man of principle saying publicly what has needed to be said for years despite the flak and closed doors he’s received . . . which are slowly opening I might add. . . hopefully you put a bit more thought into your actions as “one of NZ’s most ardent proponents of equality and justice….. fought offline though, not on the internet . . ” than you have here slagging off at people which is so easy to do.
    As for me, I’d prefer a well thought out campaign of truth with the right people at the forefront …. whilst I hv no idea who you are, there’s probably something more constructive you can do in the fight for equality with your implied academic intelligence and commitment to equality than snipe at people here. Hear what Tim’s saying about ‘personal responsibility’ for all our actions.

  12. Plus, Carol, you need to know that there are many people who would like to say things that you would not like about John Ansell, but John Ansell’s site is heavily censored, so that only Ansell-friendly comment ever shows up there. Which of course, is why there are so few commenters on Ansell’s site (about 6 of you at last count).

  13. Make that 7,Tony.
    John Ansell’s blog has a lot more followers than commenters, by the way. Not everyone likes to comment on blogs. You might be surprised at the level of support he actually has in the background waiting for the party to be formed.
    Tim, very well written and inspiring piece. I voted for you in the last elections. I am looking forward to the Hamilton meeting to meet you and John.

  14. “Tony Dotcom” I can’t tell what your actual problem is, but your comments are hostile and unhelpful, which makes me wonder whether or not you really do hold the same views that Tim has written here. As for your comments slagging off John Ansell, we have heard them all before; you could add nothing new that has any truth in it. I suspect you are part of a small group of malcontents whose aim is to defame him whenever possible, always from behind the shelter of anonymous pseudonyms. The growing number of people who support John Ansell’s campaign is far larger than you can imagine, and cannot be quantified simply by foolishly counting the number who actively post comments. Unless you have any positive contribution to make, you are merely wasting your time.

  15. John Ansell slags Maori. I slag John Ansell. Three people slag me, including you John Phillips. So you love John Ansell. Doesn’t make you right. Even Saddam Hussain had devotees.

    My comments about John Ansell are a fraction of the derogatory comments John Ansell makes about Maori. John Ansell’s website fosters Maori hatred and bigotry. Say anything nice about Maori in his website, and you get banned. The more derogatory you can be there about Maori, the more you are held in awe. Take a look in the mirror John Phillips, Maori hater.

  16. ^ You are entirely mistaken. John Ansell does not slag Maoris at all – he opposes privilege and preference based on race, and so do I. Clearly you don’t know – or don’t want to know – the difference. Rather ironical that you are making your deeply ignorant comments here, on a blog posted by a Maori man who has had the intelligence and integrity to note the facts as they really are. Does that make him a “Maori hater” too, according to your feeble grasp of the actual issues ? You need to take a few deep breaths and engage your brain before you make such stupid comments.

    1. O Dr. Pinho Cardão tem razão. Com so circulos uninominais como têm sido propostos corremos o risco de termos um plenário de iddenneeptes.A solução passará por listas distritais com actualmente mas divididas em subcirculos uninominais claramente identificados e por um equilibrio de poderes entre o Partido e os deputados com supremacia do Partido mas participação de todos os que foram candidatos nas tomadas de decisão.Como? fica para o meu livro… que está quase quase a sair.

    2. If it’s at all possible, the client should be told the shoot’s on LA when it’s actually in NYC, then you set up a fake shoot in LA, with no film in the cameras, but with a very nice catering table.

    3. Thirteen is a bit overhyped. As you stated CC, there looks like there is no reason for age restriction unless this isn't everything. So far, it looks boring. Coudn't you find a clip that shows the themeing in the line? or the area around? (i've seen you're other thirteen posts and the pictures don't satisfy me enough). The hills look like they're propelled by spinning tires. Yawn.

  17. OK Tony Dotcom, you’ve got me interested now . . . what are your aims for NZ as a whole country? What would you like to see happening?
    NOTE: This is a genuine question and I look fwd to hearing what your ‘dream’ for NZ is.

  18. It actually doesn’t matter what my ideals are for New Zealand. Unlike John Ansell, I’m not pretending to be a politician any time in the near future, so you don’t have to measure me against any political aspirations or prospects. I have none.

    My greater concern, as I’ve already said, is that John Ansell will never do what he is pretending that he will do. He will never form a political party to provide for you, Carol, what you are hoping he might. He is all about representing that he will attract such interest in a party, that will in turn attract a couple or three million dollars in support sponsorship.

    Ansell’s one-man hold over his creation would then have the entire budget spent on one massive advertising campaign.

    And guess who just happens to have an advertising company waiting ready to put that advertising money to good use – much better use than any other advertising company could put it to.

    Treatygate or whatever it might be called, is not about John Ansell’s career aspirations for any time soon, but much more about his immediate retirement fund aspirations.

    Good luck to him of he gets people to put money into such a fund, but while Ansell is doing this, the real objective is not getting done by genuine politically motivated people.

    If you are hoping to vote in 2014 for a party averse to Maori-privileged budgeting, then I suggest you put your energy into people other than John Ansell. If you do continue to back John Ansell’s talk-fest and hate-fest, then in 2015 you will be blinking and wondering “what happened and how did it happen?”

  19. What I find the most disturbing about your claims Tony is that you posture as someone who seeks Equality before the Law yet for some unexplained reason you are filled with malice towards John Ansell and think nothing of undermining his efforts to end treaty separatism and establish one Law for all.
    It is obvious to me that you have had some sort of disagreement with John and that you have attempted to vent your rage against him on his own site, and have been further enraged by the fact that he has ‘censored’ you… ie not allowed you to use his site as a platform for your attempts to undermine him.

    I can assure you that this will not happen here.
    I have no problem with people expressing opposing views, or with criticizing me.
    This blog is about dialogue and debate.
    I am even willing to change my position on any topic if a superior argument is presented.
    You can criticize me as much as you like… untill you reach that limit where you are merely repeating malice over and over and then you may be blocked.

    From what I know of John I have never seen anything of the nature which you describe, and as for setting up a political party, though I am privy to information on that issue, I am not at liberty to share. I can say that the Notion of setting up a single Issue party is one fraught with so many snares, dangers and strife’s that unless it is done correctly it is doomed to become a point of division… not Unity… and your malicious statements about John and such a party displays this cancerous disunity and I already fear for the Cause of establishing One Law for all. I have seen this happen Time and time again. It happened with the One NZ foundation and it is happening again… as we speak because people like yourself put your own pride ahead of the cause. Everything you have said here has been nothing but Guile from the tongue of a Snake.
    I can tell that you will work for the powers of darkness against John and myself… simply out of malice…. simply because of your own dented vanity.
    Thanks ‘Friend of Equality’… who needs enemies????
    The only hope our movement has is if people put the cause ahead of their own petty vanity.
    And when everything is weighed in the balance the truth will be known.
    Who really were the soldiers of virtue and justice … and who were the thorns in their sides… the wolves in sheeps clothing…
    Who was motivated by truth and humanity, and who was driven by personal Glory, vanity, and pride.
    You have a choice Tony.
    To carry on casting snares and stumbling blocks… out of hurt feelings, or to suck it in and Man up!
    For the sake of the cause… for the sake of being a source of strength… adding your weight to the struggle … To choose to put any bad blood behind you and to be a soldier in a united effort… for the sake of establishing One Law for all NZ.
    It is only in this way will I believe you have any right to claim to be as you say…
    ” I have been one of NZ’s most ardent proponents of equality and justice.” …. You need to prove to me that is not as it appears…the vacuous claim of an incredibly egotistical and twisted mind.

    Take time to think about what I have said before you answer.

    I thank you for bringing a very serious matter clearly into view.
    If our movement is to succeed we must first build unity… and if there is to be any new party it must be carefully constructed so as to truly be a source of strength not a point of dissention.
    A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    I personally operate as an Independent because I have lost all faith in ‘Parties’.. at least in parties with which I can fully endorse.
    When it comes to election time I suggest Kiwi who want to end Waitangi apartheid vote for Candidates whom have expressed the desire to have one Law for all New Zealanders.

  20. Tim, you have pretty well summed it up to the point where nothing much more needs to be said. The whole spiteful demeanour of this “Dotcom” clown is already very familiar, because it is a copy of the spiel posted by the spoilers & wreckers that have infested these threads before, using various pseudonyms. Quite likely “they” are all the same person. He /she /they have no useful contribution to make; they are really nothing more than mentally inadequate vandals. They operate at about the same level as taggers.

  21. Tony Dotcom is a sacked Australian diplomat from Whangarei, who used to be my biggest supporter on http://www.treatygate.org.nz.

    However, I made it clear that I would not tolerate abuse – in particular of one Maori commenter who was critical of me – but he repeatedly transgressed.

    After a warning, I had no option but to ban him from my site.

    Ironically the Maori opponent I was protecting eventually rewarded my fairness by turning feral herself.

    Both of them like to come back in various guises, which is why the site is now a lot less open than it was.

    But I remain happy to allow criticism, as long as I can be sure the commenters are not those who have been previously banned.

  22. Speaking as one who is NOT a sacked Australian diplomat from Whangarei, about all I can add is that my opinion still stands.

    John Ansell will never form a political party. His objective is to stir up anger (same strategy used successfully by Hitler and others). Then capitalise on the anger. In advertising, it is known as

    “first sell the problem, then sell the solution”.

    When enough people are angry, then offer the solution, and the money will pour in. Then John Ansell will have his hands on bucket loads of money to legitimately spend through his advertising business. Nothing illegal. But then Hitler did nothing illegal as well.

    Next thing Ansell’s followers will be wearing brown shirts (which no doubt Ansell will sell to them at an exorbitant profit).

    [Sorry Tim, but in the last line, once again ‘whom’ should have been ‘who’.]

  23. Incidentally, Ansell’s Anzac day post about his father was very Hitlerian as well. Hitler had a whole string of tactics which were designed to embellish his softer side. Photography (including the 1930’s equivalent of photoshop) played a huge role in the Nazi propaganda. Hitler employed only the best German photographers and filmographers.

  24. Speaking as one who is NOT a sacked Australian diplomat from Whangarei, about all I can add is that my opinion still stands.

    Not an Australian? Well, you have a very large chip on at least one shoulder.

    New Zealand currently faces an evolving constitutional crisis – fronted by the Constitutional Advisory Panel. Thank God for people like Tim and John who expose the separatists’ machinations of evil at each and every turn.

  25. Tony…
    Let me say that I know John Ansell is also like Genghis Khan in that he breaths air… yet this semblance to one of Histories greatest War Mongers will not stop me from supporting him.
    If you are going to say that someones writings are ‘Hitlerian’ you must do better than sighting the mere fact that ‘…like Hitler… Ansell uses photographs…’.
    That is Pathetic!
    You are a joke.

  26. Virtually every tyrant in world history started out as a freedom fighter. Some recognised the tyrants from the outset, though the critics were labelled as jokes.

    Come back in December 2014, when the election has passed without John Ansell’s participation, and tell me I was a joke.

  27. Sorry, Tim, where did Tony say “Like Hitler .. Ansell uses photographs”?
    Ansell does enough of his own lying, Tim, without you needing to lie for him as well.

  28. Sorry, Tim, where did Tony say “Like Hitler .. Ansell uses photographs”?

    He said it here. (He didn’t use those exact words, but what he said amounts to the same thing.)

  29. “Ansell’s Anzac day post about his father was very Hitlerian as well. Hitler had a whole string of tactics which were designed to embellish his softer side.”

    Quite some “lying in unison” going on here it would seem.

  30. And the rest of your comment, Tony?

    “Photography (including the 1930′s equivalent of photoshop) played a huge role in the Nazi propaganda. Hitler employed only the best German photographers and filmographers.”

    What did you mean by this comment? That, like Hitler, Ansell uses photographs?

  31. Anakereiti Hepi of Christchurch (Tuwharetoa) is the feral multi-headed hydra to whom I referred Tim.

    In the spirit of fairness, I bent over backwards to allow her to have her say, even though her point of view was quite different from mine (and largely sourced from Wikipedia).

    I was very tough on those who crossed the line from criticism to racism in their comments about her, including Tony Dotcom AKA Tony Montana AKA John Colman. (Ask the Whangarei Police about him.)

    On his up days, this man is an articulate advocate, but then plunges into insane rages and lies with impunity, issuing threats about his ‘reach’ and so on. I can’t imagine even the Aussies putting up with his brand of diplomacy for long.

    Colman and Anakereiti Hepi will do their best to take over your blog the way they did mine. They’re both obsessed with me, which is kind of a compliment and a sign that I must be cutting through.

    You’ll probably need to use a moderation system to get rid of them. Sorry about that.

  32. Do you want to know what my real sin against John Ansell’s website was? I called Anakereiti – “Annie”. So John Ansell banned me from his site. Oh he apologised for having to do so, saying he didn’t want to. I kid you not. And he has followed me all over the internet ever since, outing my online identity every time, usually outing online, but as often as not to the web host. Follow nut case Ansell at your peril. Pay him your hard-earned dollars at your even greater peril. You will see nothing for your dollars in return.

    John Ansell will never start a political party. Just like he was sacked by both the ACT and the National political parties. Ask him what was the real reason for being twice-sacked from these parties.

    Did you give John Ansell permission to be outing people’s IRL identity on your website, Tim? Of course, this time you will say it’s fine. Your rules will be adjusted to fit your new best-friend-forever and to fit the situation. And so will John Ansell’s rules be amended to fit any given situation. The man is a scab, and a liar. Abuses his dead dad’s memory to push his political barrows, and to insult New Zealanders.

    Last year Ansell’s great cause was blaming the Health system for his 91-y-o dad dying. Oh what a nightmare our health system was that John Ansell’s dad wasn’t kept alive forever, and he’d been given poison according to Ansell. Christ, if I’d had to put up with John Ansell as a son for 53 years, I’d have wanted out too. But selfish John wouldn’t even let his old dad be allowed to go. Blamed the health system. 91 years old. Went on and on about it till his blog readers told Ansell to shut up about it.

    Follow Ansell at your peril. Reason I still use the same nickname after all this? So Ansell will expose his stupidity and dishonesty. How many other people reading this have intentionally outed people using nicknames on the web? Ansell does it all the time. It isn’t normal. Trust the man at your own peril.

  33. How many years have we been using blogs? Fifteen maybe?

    In that time, how many people do you know who out other peoples’ nicknames on blogs?

    What? Did you say none? Ansell uses private privileged information that he knows from running a blog, to out people. He has done it innumerable times.

    Ask yourself. Do you want this man entrusted with your personal details? Do you want this man entrusted with your hard-earned money? Do you want this man to have your loyal support?

    You have been warned. But there are none so blind. One day you will thank me.

  34. Good morning.

    Do you want this deliberate and repeat breacher of privacy laws, to be running for the most esteemed institution New Zealand has? Parliament.

    If you do, you haven’t been watching the news recently, and the community hostility against privacy leaks in the public service from data terminals etc, and the GCSB stories. (Can you imagine having an Ansell in charge of the GCSB)

    John Ansell spews forth private information, deliberately and repeatedly. It is part of his war chest. He is not Member of Parliament material. Ansell belongs as far away from Parliament as Hitler should have been kept in the 1930s.

    And if you are still arguing with me on this, I am trying to help you, at significant risk of embarrassment to self.
    Take a good look in the mirror, Ansell worshipers.

  35. I think it is a real shame that blogs such as this important one by Tim Wikiriwhi can be so easily hijacked by people who have nothing but spite filled comments to make. I make it a principle to always attack the arguments where necessary, and not the person. I will make an exception for this nutter “Tony Dotcom”. His obsession with stalking John Ansell online and repeating over and over his preposterous personal attacks, which are all without foundation, is inexcusable. This behaviour is symptomatic of a disturbed mind. The obnoxious “Anakereiti” is cut from the same dirty cloth and may well be the same person. Whether or not that is the case, the proprietor of any blog is well justified in blocking them and their poisonous contributions. That is the only way normal dialogue can continue without the continuous distraction of these silly sideshows.

  36. Tony dotcom I have a question for you. What do you find so obscene about one rule for all/one law for all/handouts to be based on need, not race ? Now be honest about it and then we shall see who the real nasty racist is eh bro?!

  37. Hi Tim,

    Just wanted to say a quick thankyou for all that you have taken the time to write here.
    You come across as a very decent and sincere man. It is not that often that
    I can read something someone has written on the internet and imediadlty hope that one day I’ll have the pleasure of meeting them.

    Keep up the good work and God bless you!


  38. Thank’s Gavin,
    I must say I do consider this particular piece one of my better ones.
    It’s meek character arose because It was written to a Maori Lady whom is very devout about her Maori culture and I was keen to communicate with her my contrary opinion in respect to colonisation… in such a way that I hoped would minimise a negitive responce. I must confess I have written many more pieces simply addressed to the general public in which i express my anger about the Racist politics of our country with the aim of awaking the sleeping and apathetic masses and provoking righteous indignation against the nasty politics of National and labour and their Satellites.
    Thus they are not so meek.
    Yet The truth is that though I do feel anger, I do not harbour Hatred, and I am primarily driven by a sence of humanitarianism and justice for all, and do carry sympathy for the delusions of my political adversaries… not malice… yet it is very difficult to juggle all these emotions… all in their right order.
    If someone was to read some of my other posts they might think I am a rabid dog!
    The truth is I am no Martin luther King or Booker T Washington! Their greatness was to maintain meekness and charity at all times… while never compromising their righteous stand against inequality. I would like to be more like them…less the savage that I am.

  39. Sorry for the distraction, folks, but ‘Tony’ misrepresents me in saying I banned him for calling Anakereiti “Annie”. It’s important that I set the record straight.

    I banned him for not heeding repeated warnings not to disrespect her, according to the rule which I had set.

    He went ahead and disrespected her, so I had no choice but to apply my own rule.

    I was sorry he left me no choice, but I’m consistent like that.

    Ever since he’s been feral. (And ironically, so has she. So much for fairness.)

  40. Actually Tim would u please post one of your ‘rabid dog’ writings . . . so we ‘know the man’ better as I suspect you will be important in turning NZ’s slide of self-destruction around for our children’s future. Thanks.

    (Plus I want to understand how others see ‘things’ to form my own opinion. It has been a shock to learn how I have been hoodwinked for many years by politicians and educators I naively believed were working for the good of us all.)

  41. There was no warning. As always, no-one will be listening to me, but John Ansell is a bald-faced liar. I was banned from his site for calling Anakereiti, “Annie”: Nothing more, nothing less, and no warnings were made. I kept copies of the web pages.

    Do you want to have a potential Parliamentary candidate who is a disrespecter of truth, and who has no respect for privacy laws (note “who” Tim, not whom). I have confirmed from the Privacy Commissioner that John Ansell broke privacy laws, in his taking website privileged and private information, and disclosing real identities that go with nicknames – not just for me, but for several of his many adversaries.

    I have done you the favour of warning you about John Ansell – so did ACT and National who will no longer have a bar of him. If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to these parties.

    Back Ansell at your own peril. Wouldn’t it be a shame to put your life’s dream into Ansell, only for him to be exposed at the last electoral minute, as a liar and a privacy law repeat offender. I have the material to do just this. And so too do his political adversaries. Don’t underestimate his political adversaries. All’s fair in politics.

    Good luck.

    And yes to whoever asked, I do want one law for all, but that one law for all, includes one law for me and John Ansell. John Ansell want one law for all-except-John-Ansell.

    And Tim, stop using “whom”. You got it wrong again in this sentence – “It was written to a Maori Lady whom is very devout”. The correct English is “It was written to a Maori Lady who is very devout”.

  42. Carol, If you click on Treaty of Waitangi in our ‘Categories’ sidebar of type ‘Apartheid’into our site search engine you will find most of my blog posts on Treaty separatism. If you Google ‘Tim Wikiriwhi Waitangi’ you find heaps more of my work.
    Here is one of my less meek Blogposts… http://blog.eternalvigilance.me/2012/07/maori-renaissance-fail/
    and another here… http://blog.eternalvigilance.me/2012/06/the-great-waitangi-swindle/
    I still stand by everything I said, yet the tone is different because they are written to provoke outrage against despicable politics and injustice rather than meekly sway a decieved separatist.

  43. You know Tony… at face value you would have us believe that John is such a psychopath as to ban you ‘without warning’ simply for calling a woman ‘Annie’????
    That is very hard to believe.
    I will take your advice regarding my use of the word ‘whom’, and will resist future utilization.
    You are not the first person to point out my misuse.
    I hope that you will check out some of the other topics we cover here @ eternal vigilance and contribute to the discussions in the comments.
    Hopefully you will find some of our other material worth your effort.

  44. Tim, if I thought it was of any use to you, then I would email to you a copy of the webpage on which the summary “banning” took place (complete with Ansell apology which Ansell at least acknowledges above). The page shows that it was indeed exactly as I said it was, for calling Anakereiti, “Annie” and nothing more. You might note that Ansell has conveniently removed all the pages from the time from the web – this to hide a multitude of his earlier sins – including the blaming of the Government for the death of his 91-y-o dad.

    But alas, as much as I try to help you lot with honest critique of John Ansell, you lot are not listening. None so blind as they who chose not to see.

    Tim, thank you for the invitation. Your blog was entered in my favourites a long time ago. For I too am a genuine and committed libertarian. Ansell is not. He is neither libertarian, nor is he Christian. Beware is all I can say. Watch your back. Ansell is as unpredictable as can be a bipolar person I try to assist in my travels. And don’t put in too much effort with Ansell that will never bear fruit. Ansell will never make Parliament. Too much dishonesty and other baggage, that far too many people know only too well, and they know better than I how to use it in a political battle when the time comes.

    My problem is that when that occurs, as inevitably it will, the 2014 election will come and go with more harm than good done to the “one law for all” cause. There are other options right now for the same cause. The Ansell option is one of the worserer ones.

    Tim, thanks for your hospitality here. All the best in the political decisions facing you right now.

    ps I know worserer isn’t a word.

  45. Just by the way, Tim. I suspect that your allowing people to breach privacy law via your website is somewhat inconsistent with Libertarianz values.

    And it is a strange alliance that has you holding hands with people who deliberately violate privacy law, again contrary to Libertarianz principles – your being a sometime spokesman and candidate for Libertarianz after all, especially on Treaty issues, and your alliance in this instance being a treaty-based one of sorts.

    Seeing as you have expressed your disappointment in me – as a fellow Libertarian, I’m disappointed in you, and this policy compromise seemingly for your political gain.

  46. I am a spectator in all this Tony. I have violated no ones privacy that I know of, and I profit nothing. I must confess to being ignorant of what ‘privacy’ Laws you are talking about, so I cant even make a judgment on their legitimacy. I am an advocate of Free speech, believing it is only fraud which ought to be banned. The way I see the right to privacy is the right of the individual to be free from coercion in respect to demands for information by the government, and freedom from being spied upon/ bugged on our own property. I am not big at all on people using Bogus privacy laws as an attempt to muzzle Free speech or hide what they are up to. I have no clue about laws protecting the identities of pseudonym’s… I guess there could be some sort of contractual agreement to anonymity on web pages…???
    Yet unless there is some sort of Safety issue (eg someone is under witness protection, etc, or someone desires to maintain secrecy because of social stigma/ job issues, I dont know why anyone would even bother with pseudonyms, except to play sneaky games… ????
    Is this really a matter of importance?
    I ask why you needed to call Anakereiti Annie?
    By your Logic doe’s your own action constitute a ‘violation’ of her pseudonym?

  47. Pathetic. Really pathetic. You and Ansell deserve each other.

    Publishing someone’s private information that a web-host has possession of only by virtue of privileged position, is a breach of current NZ privacy law, as well as being a breach of international uniformly-observed internet etiquette. Sure, there is no policeman for the latter. Which just shows why the world is not quite mature enough yet for Libertarian ideals. First we need the need to learn how to behave without the need for policemen to force us to behave – just because it is the right thing to do.

    Your silly opinion as to whether nicknames on the internet should be used (as they are by countless millions) doesn’t come into it. When someone is given the right to choose to use a nickname, those are the established standards, which are not breached by most people. Only plebs deliberately breach the standards. John Ansell is the only pleb I have known to do this in my more than 20 years of intense internet usage. Says everything really about Ansell’s lack of moral substance. And yours for joining forces with him.

    Tim, you still misbehave because you need policemen to control you. lest you do the indecent thing. You are not a true Lib, Tim, if you take perverse advantage of the void of police.

    Taking perverse advantage of a void of police, is what sub-12-year-olds do.

    Libertarianz does not have a policy of breaching current New Zealand law, just because it is not law that fits your very personal libertarian ideals.

    But because you have a new bezzie mate, you are prepared to lower your personal standards to the depths of his. Sorry to see a fellow Lib descend to this level.

    And equating my calling Anakereiti “Annie”, to intentional breaching of NZ privacy law, and international uniformly-observed internet codes of behaviour, makes you not a suitable candidate for Parliament as well.

    Libs don’t benefit from your membership, sorry. You are an embarrassment to the Libs cause.

    You are a child. A spoilt and confused child at that.

    Like I say, you and Ansell deserve each other, along with the bunch of tossers and freaks who follow treatygate.

    There is no apostrophe in ‘does’.

  48. ^^^ You Tony Expose your own lack of self control, What is it like to be a slave of your own temper?
    It turn’s you into a Foaming Demon.
    Quite embarrassing…for you.
    This speaks volumes about how you are driven by rage into pouring our guile at the very mention of the name John Ansell.
    I guess now you will Haunt me too… like a poltergeist?
    You need counseling, before you give yourself Heart failure.
    What a terrible spectacle you make of a bitter and twisted soul.
    I feel sorry for you… seriously…. There are too many people who live under a cloud of their own Fumes.

    Smoke a joint for goodness sake! and ask yourself if being banned from John Ansell website is really that big a deal… and worth tossing about in your sleep?
    I think you demonstrating Poor Libertarianism by denying John’s right to bar whomsoever he likes from his blog… and then bleating like a victim about exposing you… after you have spent countless hours harassing him and doing mischief!
    Attempting to play the moral high ground when you are nothing more than a malicious scoundrel.
    I retract my invitation for you to make comments here on other topics.
    Why would I be interested in further communications with someone who demonstrates they are governed by their emotions rather than genuine character and good will?

    Without any ulterior motive I clearly explained my position on what I believe the right to privacy is, and you bag me ‘as a bad Libertarian’… because my principles don’t equate to your personal view?
    That unless I agree with you that I demonstrate the need to be legally restrained????
    Part of me would like tell you to go fuck yourself… but that would be me allowing my anger to get the better of me, and as I said above, I actually realize I am dealing with someone who ought to be pitied and needs help.
    Tony. What does it matter to you if you and I cant agree on John Ansell, or what constitutes valid Privacy laws, or whether or not John ‘owed you’ to maintain your privacy in spite of your ongoing agenda to destroy him?
    So what if I am not convinced by your Tirades?
    Doe’s this automatically qualify me as being a Badie?
    Am I not free to disagree with you… and not suffer a character attack?
    What may surprise you to know was that I had listened to your accusations and warnings about John Ansell and was prepared to try and see things from your perspective, yet the further you have talked… the more you have undermined any potential credibility you may have earned had you shown more rational self control.
    My comment Re the Annie thing was merely a ‘counter point’… suggesting that you yourself may have been guilty of ignoring ‘Rules of etiquette’….libertarian ‘protocols’.
    That this rather unimportant jibe on my part was enough to bring you to the boil… was that because it was too close to the truth for you to bear?
    I think so.
    You could have laughed about it . Sadly you instead chose to take umbrage.
    How can you go through life like that?
    Would you not rather be happy and positive… even in the face of hardship rather than allowing yourself to be turned into a angry and vindictive old man?
    You have that choice.
    Yes Life can be unjust, yet that is no excuse to become a cup filled with Malice, Vengeance, Hatred, …
    I know Life can do that to a person.
    At times I have found myself sliding down that slipery slope…letting the world get to me… and becoming a horrible person.

    It could happen to me again too if I took onboard everybody’s negative shit… if I let personal attacks like you have dished out to me get in under my skin.
    Believe me that I do consider your criticisms… do I really have such and such a character fault? If you or anyone points out a legitimate problem I carry, then you do me a great service, and I would be wise to heed your advice… and modify my behavior… and improve myself… yet if such criticisms are merely written in spite… and do not reflect the truth about me, why should I then ‘Bite the hook’ and allow myself to get my knickers in a knot?
    I refuse to be so manipulated.
    I have a vision of the sort of person I wish to be and I will not allow the world or bitter and spiteful souls to turn me into the sort of person I don’t wish to be.
    I want to be able to sleep in my own skin and have some self esteem… not via self delusion, but in complete open honesty.
    And that is how I Live.
    I hope this last paragraph is one that you Tony will seriously think about.
    It could save you from the road you are now traveling.
    The Choice of what sort of person you wish to be is yours.
    You are not a victim… not a Robot. This is Individual self responsibility and Libertarian Philosophy.

  49. What a rant. Couldn’t be bothered reading it, sorry Timber.

    Would you have banned me from your site if I had called you “Timber”?

    Of course you wouldn’t have.

    Settle down and smoke a joint yourself. For mine, far from being in a temper, I am enjoying myself. Enjoying myself is what I do naturally, without drugs.

    Your tail has certainly wagged your dog. You have joined forces with Ansell, and you have allowed all your standards to fall to his low levels to match him. All in a matter of days. Sad really.

    In part-reading the above, I got to the bit in your bleat where you say Ansell banned me after hours of my harassing him. This of course flies in the face of Ansell himself saying that I used to be his best supporter. So please don’t make things up only for fooling yourself, Tim. You have always been better than this.

    Your joining up with Ansell bodes very unwell. Take a good look at what you have written above (I only read about a third of it but I didn’t see Tim Wikiriwhi in any of it). You will discover that this is not the Timber whom we have enjoyed reading in recent years. Sad.

    (correct use of whom btw in the line above)


  50. Tony I did not say Ansell banned you after your Campaign of evil was well under way, but that he probably exposed you after you dedicated yourself to his undoing… and that is mere speculation on my part… thinking out loud… trying to visualise how/ why John may have deemed it necessary to unmask exactly who was behind all the Malice.
    That would be fair in my book because you were perpetrating a very Public scandal, and why should it be that only John’s real name be on record?
    That you find this sort of Bullshit ‘Fun’ casts even greater shadows on your character! You value such Malice as worthy of all this time and energy?
    Have you not better/ more positive work to do?
    Why are you not instead investing all this energy into fighting for Racial equality before the Law instead of a personal vendetta against those whom are doing just that?
    You are like the Guy who shot John Lenin… or Herostratus whom destroyed the temple of Artemis …. The sort of Barbarians who thinks they make themselves important by bringing down the great works of others.
    That is sick indeed.
    I wrote a blog post not long ago called the myth of the Internet Troll.
    Here: http://blog.eternalvigilance.me/2013/01/boogie-monsters-the-myth-of-the-internet-troll/
    I stick by what I wrote in that, yet I now realize I need to write a sequel having realized that though ‘the Troll’ may be an Ad Hominem device, none the less there are other depraved beings out there whom *take pleasure in spreading chaos and destruction* and really do abuse the internet… using it in ways that are Evil.
    You Tony appear to be one of these… by your own admission.
    Why don’t you drop the silly pseudonym now that everybody knows who you are… If you are so proud of your work… ????
    I am wasting valuable energy pandering to your fettish.

  51. That Link is awesome Richard! It’s kind of scary how it aligns so neatly with my last few remarks.
    As I said above I would like to do a blog post upon the vexatious abuse of the Internet, and I think you link above has relevance to some of the aspects involved.
    It is interesting that even the quest for justice can be perverted into a vice!
    Another very nasty business is how on face book malevolent people gain access to private groups with the intensions of provoking wrath from the members so that they may complain to Face book and get the group shut down. It is a pity that all this sort of behavior gets currently lumped under the title ‘troll’. Thus I guess I cant really say that the Internet Troll is a myth… but a real species after all.
    Yet still the term is regularly abused and utilized as an Ad hominem attack …. The boy who cried ‘wolf’… yet wolves really do exist.

  52. John Lenin? Is he some sort of communist singer/composer or something?

    Surely you were not linking the mad John Ansell to the great John Lennon. Tim, you’ve lost the plot.

    And surely you were not comparing my relatively harmless and constructive words, to Mark Chapman’s murder of that great human being.

    Timber, you’ve gone troppo.

    BTW, Querulous paranoia is no longer recognised as a medical condition. This is the result of abusive people misapplying what used to be a useful medical term, to today meaning nothing more or less than the word “troll” – as you say, the most abused word on the internet. What does “troll” mean today? It means – “I don’t agree with you”. And what does an accusation of ‘querulous paranoia’ mean. It means “I don’t agree with you, but I’ve run out of arguments”. Just another form of name-calling – like calling someone “troppo”.

    (And you used “whom” wrongly again in your most recent comment.)

  53. Examples:

    Timber is a person whom I tried to help (whom noun/pronoun verb)

    Timber is not a person who understands others very well (who verb)

  54. New Zealand: History & Natural History added a new photo to the album People & Places – Album 7 of 7.
    10 hrs ·
    David Rankin is described as a Ngapuhi leader, Ngapuhi are the largest Maori tribal group in New Zealand.
    Rankin is best known for his outspoken beliefs/style and he often makes local media headlines. Here are some examples:

    2019 – A senior member of Te Kawerau a Maki, David Rankin, has stated that he will lay a complaint with the Police this week over Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s interference in the current land dispute at Ihumatao.
    2018 – In the lead-up to the annual commemoration of the 1845 wars fought in Northland, Ngapuhi kaumatua, David Rankin, has spoken about their significance to the country. Rankin’s ancestors fought on both sides of the war. Hone Heke provoked the British into fighting, while Tamati Waka Nene supplied troops to the British to fight Heke.
    2017 – Ngapuhi kaumatua, David Rankin, has lashed out at the $1 million that the Government has given to the iwi to commemorate the wars of the nineteenth century…
    2017 – An online petition calling for the abolition of Auckland Council’s Maori Statutory Board has been launched by Ngapuhi leader and Auckland property developer David Rankin, who has been heavily critical of the group of unelected Maori.
    2017 – Maori political commentator David Rankin has predicted that the Labour Party will lose all seven Maori seats in this year’s general election.
    2017 – Ngapuhi kaumatua David Rankin has lashed out at Waitangi marae, calling its leaders incompetent and their methods of management shambolic.
    2016 – Following the incident… when Auckland Council candidate David Rankin and supporter Dr Don Brash were approached by a sword-wielding man with mental health problems… later apprehended by Police, Mr Rankin has donated $1000 to Family First, as a gesture of support for safer families in the community.
    2016 – Proposed court action by a group of secular parents, backed by the Secular Education Network, over religious instruction in the classroom could result in a Treaty Claim says Ngapuhi kaumatua David Rankin.
    2017 – Unsuccessful Auckland Council candidate David Rankin, a Ngapuhi leader, launched an online petition to abolish the Maori board because the board: Has worked against the interests of Aucklanders. Has cost ratepayers millions of dollars. Is an example of race-based politics.
    2018 – Ngāpuhi leader David Rankin defends Pākehā woman Sally Anderson’s moko.
    2013 – Rankin states: “Let me just start off and say this, Maori are not the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand. There were many other races already living here long before Kupe arrived. I am his direct descendant and I know from our oral history passed down 44 generations”.
    2014 – David Rankin: Boycott Waitangi celebrations until child abuse is addressed.
    2014 – Following his strong condemnation of the Maori King, Tuheitia yesterday, Ngapuhi kaumatua David Rankin has received a challenge this afternoon from prominent Kingitanga [King Movement] supporter Mamae Takerei.
    2016 – A museum at Waitangi that opened to the public today has already been hit with a demand for the return of objects including Hone Heke’s tomahawk… David Rankin saying they are… being treated with disrespect.
    2015 – He wants to “overthrow” the Kingitanga, he “boycotts” Waitangi Day, and he seems to think a mythical race of Celtics arrived in New Zealand before Polynesians. He is also a self-appointed kaumātua. His name is David Rankin and he is here with a quote….. “I am sick of academics trying to sanitise our behaviour,” he says. “We are a violent people”

    Et cetera…

  55. According to Maori tradition, the first inhabitants of New Zealand were a people of unknown origin, whose racial or tribal name, if any, has not been preserved. The Maori knows them as Maruiwi, which name is said to have been not a tribal one, but merely that of one of their chiefs at the time when the Maori from eastern Polynesia arrived on these shores. The first of these Maori settlers are shown in tradition to have reached New Zealand twenty-eight to thirty generations ago. At that time the Maruiwi folk were occupying many portions of the North Island. They were the descendants of those who had reached these shores in past times, landing on the Taranaki coast. (this accounts for the strange artefacts of the Taranaki region) Their home-land, according to the accounts given by their descendants, was a hot country—a much warmer land than this. They had arrived being caught up in a westerly storm. In appearance these folk are said to have been tall and slim-built, dark-skinned, having big or protuberant bones, flat-faced and flat-nosed, with upturned nostrils. Their eyes were curiously restless, and they had a habit of glancing sideways without turning the head. Their hair in some cases stood upright, in others it was bushy. Physically, it is said that Maruiwi had overhanging or projecting eyebrows, and were thin-shanked: an unpleasant and treacherous folk.

    In the 1860’s native prisoners were sent down to Chatham Isles where some of the women who came from Tarawera and Te Whaiti, much resembled Moriori women in physique, and more particularly in their frizzy hair of Fijian appearance.

    It is said that the culture plane of these Maruiwi seems to have been lower than that of the Maori of Polynesia, so far as we can gather from tradition…..this is true in our belief, but only in that the ‘cultural plane’ of those from Raiatea was quite high for a native population due to interaction with surrounding isles. The Maruiwi however, were isolated and little change occurred in the same way as those from North Sentinel Island in the Andaman Group have remained unchanged due to the total lack of human contact.

    They are said to have been ignorant of their own lineage, a sure mark of an inferior people in Maori eyes: “They were a listless people, fond of sitting round a fire. They slept anywhere, were practically naked in summer-time and in winter wore rough capes made of the fibrous leaves. They were thoughtless about food supplies, and had basic stick shelters. This is why those we call Maori looked down upon them. The Polynesians took some of the better looking women when they first arrived. Later-comers asked for them; in yet later days they took them, enslaving women and young men. Now, as time rolled on and generations went by, the mixed folk became numerous in the land, the result of the Maori taking Maruiwi wives. Note that facial distinctions between Polynesian and Melanesian are extremely obvious as per the examples below.

    Then troubles between the two peoples became frequent, Maruiwi stealing from our folk and murdering them. At last it was resolved to exterminate them, and they were attacked in all parts. War raged all over the island—a war of extermination against all of Maruiwi who lived independent of the Maori. Thus were they slain at Te Wairoa, Mohaka, Taupo, Rotorua, Maketu, Tauranga, Tamaki, Hauraki, Hokianga, Mokau, Urenui, and all other places where they lived. Thus originated the famed saying ‘Te Heke o Maruiwi,’ as meaning death.

    But those living with the Maori people were spared. Some of the survivors of Maruiwi are said to have fled to forest ranges in the interior. Some fled to Arapaoa from Taranaki and Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Port Nicholson). These were attacked by the party of Tama-ahua that was going south to seek for greenstone. The survivors of Maruiwi fled to Rangitoto (D’Urville Island), where they were again attacked, and many women captured. The last seen of the remnants of these folk was the passing of six canoes through Raukawa (Cook Strait) on the way to Whare-kauri (Chatham Isles). Such is the story of the folk to whom this land belonged, and it is known that all of us are descended from Maruiwi—from those women taken by our Maori ancestors.” Such is the account of Maruiwi, though much abbreviated, preserved by oral tradition.


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