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Good Cop Bad Cop.

I have just started a New Facebook page with the above title.
Law and order are subjects I am very passionate about, esp because I have suffered from the injustices of Bad Laws enforced by unscrupulous Police… and so I know first hand how Bad Laws wrongfully enforced corrodes an individuals faith in society… causes a hate for society, and mass produces Criminals and Outlaws.
It was a near thing for me yet by the grace of God, he taught me the dynamics of these things, and why I ought to refrain from going down that dark ally… and instead ‘Keep the faith’ in Justice, and work for a more just and enlightened society.

As a Libertarian, not an Anarchist I believe in Just Government, Just Laws, and the Just enforcement of just laws.
Good Government, and Good Police respect the inalienable rights and liberties of Individuals, and their just and limited powers are delegated to them by the people (as Individuals) as an extension of the individuals right to provide for their own defense (Self defense) … yet that is as far as their legitimate function goes.
Good Cops… like Good Government are a boon to society… a Good Cop ought to be a Pillar of Ethics… a person motivated by Compassion and who sees virtue in serving the people… and this is something quite different from a Paid goon who enjoys wielding power under the pretense and pseudo-legitimacy of enforcing the Law… irrespective of *what* the nature of the law is.

If This page pours scorn, ridicule, or outrage upon events and the actions of an officer, department, or Court Ruling, please remember that this page is *Not about Hate*… It is about Justice and reform.

Good Police should be as outraged as I am, when bad police get away with injustice.

A Good cop is a person of the highest Scruple and integrity… He/ she is not in it for the money… or the power.
They will put the rights and liberties of the people they seek to serve ahead of tyrannical Party political agendas… and a Just society ought to have a constitution that embodies these ‘Higher principles’ that trumps Parliamentary whims, and has the authority to Deem The Evil ambitions of Politicians to be corrupt… and therefore void…. and therefore Criminal … and a code of Ethical conduct by which Good Cops can repair in defense of their refusal to enforce Bad laws and Evil Orders.

A Bad cop is a person who has no problems enforcing Evil laws that encroach upon the rights and liberties of the people.
Just as Satan appears as an Angel of Light, Evil Political agendas… and Bad cops always disguise themselves under the garb of Expedience, emergency, or some supposed Lofty Social and ‘Politically Correct’ Ideal.
Bad Cops even use Just Laws as pretense to commit gratuitous violence and oppression… and frame the innocent.
It is a characteristic of Evil to be able to pervert and twist good things to evil ends… and Bad cops do this all the ding dong day!
“He Resisted arrest”… “He went for my Gun”… so I shot him dead…… They know, and even have been trained how to work the system so that they can commit violence and crimes with impunity.

When the Cops are Corrupt… the wheels of society are truly falling off the wagon, and there are few things more destructive to Civil order… few Evils that generate Criminals than when people loose respect for the Law… because the powers that be… and esp the Police are corrupt and oppressive.

A society that does not vigorously expose, and prosecute Dirty Bad cops is on the road to Ruin…

Power Tends to attract the worst personality types, and it corrupts those of weak moral stature, which is a fundamental reason why Legal Powers of Force need to be very very limited, and The Government and Police need to be under constant scrutiny… and held to the highest standards of principle.

Sadly for most of the world the things I have written above are ignored, and so The Reputation of the Police is that of Oppressors… of a violent Criminal Gang within a corrupt system that protects them.

My Page is all about addressing these issues… about pointing out instances of Great police work, and contrasting them against instances when the Police commit crimes against the people.

My ambition for this page is not to propagate lawlessness and contempt for the institution of the Police but the very opposite… to promote Good Laws, To encourage reforms where needed, and be a place where people can discuss these issues… so please Like, Post and share here.
All are welcome.

So Enjoy ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’

Tim Wikliriwhi
Christian Libertarian.


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Here’s another random drug test.

  1. Name the world’s most famous drug-related death.

  2. Name the world’s most famous speed freak.

  3. Name the world leader who belonged, in his younger days, to a schoolboy cannabis smoking club called the Choom Gang.

It’s a bit easier than the last one.

There may be no objectively right answers to the first two questions.

Please feel free to post your subjectively right answers in the comments.

The GCSB BILL… Arabs (and Maori Radicals) with knives at the foot of the bed!

new mordor

Picture by Slane Cartoons

I was asked if I would speak at the GCSB Bill protest in Hamilton last Saturday.
I had to decline because I said I had not read the Bill, and that I did not know enough about it to say that it was Bad legislation.

Now get this straight…. I believe DotCom has been very unjustly treated, and that John Key was as guilty as Sin and is lying through his teeth in respect to his complicity in this crime against a NZ resident… and also that I believe John Key seeks to rush through this Bill because he believes it will help him when he faces up and coming Criminal charges for his part in the GCSB Crimes Re: Dotcom and others.

One is reminded of Helen Clark’s ‘Pledgecardgate’ Electoral Fraud and misappropriation crimes and her rushing retrospective legislation to halt her High court conviction and the nullification of the Labour election victory over Don Brash.

….Thus I am fully aware that John Key and the GCSB have already abused the powers they have, and thus we must question any notion of granting them further powers to abuse!

None the less I could not say I oppose the bill, because in spite of all this shyster John Key business, I do believe that there could be legitimate National security issues at stake.

Let me elaborate further.
John key has said that the new legislation would not legitimise what the GCSB did to Dotcom.

John Key also said the GCSB bill will not legalise the Government collecting, storing and eavesdropping all New Zealanders Internet and phone communications… Ie the GCSB bill is not a part of ‘Prism’.

John Key’s has now made further claims that we need the GCSB Bill because there are Al Qaeda Operatives here
…Yet What evidence do we have to support that last claim?
I am not saying that’s impossible for Al Qaeda to be here, but why should we accept it on the word of such a dishonest Scum bag as Key?

Why doesn’t Key say the truth?…. Ie that the GCSB Bill would have been of value in the Tu Hoe Raids, and that Tame iti would probably be in Jail for 20 years had the GCSB Bill been in place at the Time Iti was planning Domestic Terrorism!
It was only because bungling Anti-terrorist legislation that allowed Tame Iti and those Psychotic Tree-hugging Greens to escape… because just like the Dotcom case… In spying on Tame Iti and co, the Powers that be broke the Law, and thus the evidence they gathered about Planned hijacking and murder was inadmissible.

John Key cant mention this valid example for spying because of his cosy relationship with the Maori Party.


For me it was the discovery of what Tame Iti was up to which has made me appreciate that there are Rare circumstances of National security in which spying might be justified.

I dont believe that spying on Drug dealers is at all justifiable… because I dont believe dealing or
using drugs is a Crime…nor a threat to National security.
I dont believe the spying on Dotcom was justifiable either because he’s not a threat to anything but a Happy meal… or 20.

The Tuhoe terrorism scare was a very different kettle of fish.
The Police raids and arrests were a result of a covert spy operation in the Urewera bush whereby special ops were able to film a terrorist training camp and to eavesdrop on conversations about kidnapping and murder.
Tami iti and a collection of Maori Radicals and Extremist Greens were practising Military/ Guerilla type drills using fire arms and home made explosives/ fire bombs.
And by my way of thinking if there is a known conspiracy to commit terrorism or murder, I have little problem believing it is the duty of Government to act covertly and pre-emptively to prevent innocent people being harmed.

This is all a very messy situation… It presents me with a conundrum… because had Tame Iti merely been doing Militia combat training, and not talked about ‘practising’ killing on unfortunate ‘Pakeha’ I would have no grounds to say he was committing any crime.

And yet that is not the case.
He was planning Murder, Kidnapping, and the armed Overthrow of the the NZ government via terrorist means.

Yet still ….and this is where things get even more muddled….I also believe it is fine to practice for a revolution… the overthrow of a tyrannical government by force… Indeed I believe the only thing that can keep a Government from over reaching it’s just powers is a fear of the People uprising… thus in a free society I believe that many New Zealanders ought to be training for such an event.

The dilemma is how to maintain the rights of the population to prepare for a justifiable revolution… and yet also maintain the legitimate government’s ability to cut off Domestic terrorism… ie Unjust revolutions such as Tame Iti was planning.

The dilemma is how to grant the government the power to spy and record evidence against such criminal organisations as Tame itis Terrorists… but forbid them from being able to spy on the Righteous militia and their plans to overthrow an evil Government?

The Dilemma gets worse when you appreciate the reality that Tame Iti and his Band of Violent Greens believed their cause was Just.

Now I myself would love to see our oppressive government overthrown :-)!
Yet my reasoning and justification is the exact opposite of Tame Iti and his TuHoe Terrorists.
They did not seek to establish a New Order of justice, Freedom, and equality, but to impose a severe Racist dictatorship… a lot like George Speight attempted to set up in Fiji… and like Mugabe was able to set up in Zimbabwe.

And Iti’s, Speights, and Mugabes Revolutions are to be juxtaposed against the latest military Coup in Egypt which has just overthrown the Elected government there because they were breaching the constitution and attempting to set up an Islamic State, and with Commodore Bainimarama’s righteous Coup in Fiji, who overthrew the Elected government there because they were busy setting up an apartheid system of Indigenous Rights.
Now Time has proven Bainimarama to be a very Benevolent Authority… with relatively few incidents of troop violence against the citizens of Fiji, and yet there have been some reported cases of serious violence purported by the Egyptian army against outraged Islamic Egyptians protesting the Coup… thus I hesitate to give full endorsement to the Revolutionary Cause.

These sorts of issues show just how difficult it is for any revolution to maintain the High/ righteous ground and avoid actions which are unjustifiable.
We must never forget that a righteous end cannot be used to justify corrupt means.

Some people may recoil at the Idea of the armed overthrow of an elected government… as if Mob rule is always right. It isn’t. The reality is all forms of Government can become oppressive, unjust, and tyrannical if they implement Laws which are purely Arbitrary, Oppressive, unjust, and tyrannical.

All governments ought to be ‘hemmed in’ by an Iron-clad Constitution… this is what constitutes the Rule of Law… and when any government violates the Constitution it has become a Criminal organisation which needs to be abolished and New government instituted.
It also ought to be obvious that the only power possible to protect a legitimate government from being overthrown by an Evil Military Coup is by having a well armed population trained in Militia.
The Army will hesitate from any actions when it knows the people will rise up and fight.

This has been a very heavy trip!
Spying…. Terrorism… Corrupt Politicians…Armed revolution… Constitutions…. etc
These were some of my thoughts in respect to the GCSB bill, and why I hesitate to either endorse the Bill or to protest against it.

gcsb scum

John Key is a Dirty lying scumbag Quisling and does not deserve to be granted more powers, and I fully support Dotcoms cause against the NZ Government… and yet there is so much more to this issue.

I believe we need more time to ponder what is at stake…. what are all the pitfalls, and in what final form such a Bill might be Good for New Zealand.

The Privacy of New Zealanders must not be curtailed under the guise of National security, and yet There must be means of identifying and catching terrorists before they strike.

It must be appreciated that it was because of poorly framed and rushed through Anti-terrorist legislation that allowed Tame iti and the Tuhoe terrorists to escape justice.
The Solicitor-General David Collins ruled that law was “almost impossible to apply in a coherent manner” and firearms charges were laid instead.

The last thing we need is more Bad legislation being rushed trough by a corrupt Prime minister who is seeking to mitigate his own culpability in regards to ongoing charges of Corruption and abuse of power.
That Key has played the Al Qaeda card is very suspect… and yet worrisome.

I also worry about the political connection between the PM and the GCSB.
We have all found out about John Keys devious Employment of his own Old school friend to the Head of the GCSB!…. Heinrich Himmler anyone???

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

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Don’t be hoodwinked by “nationhood”

New Zealand’s Governor-General, Dame Susan Devoy


It’s time for some more second-rate drivel on constitutional matters. While I have no right to claim credibility on such issues, I feel that ignorance, bigotry and small-minded denigration are not at all out of place when demolishing the case for a New Zealand republic. So I pass off the following ignorant rant as informed comment. Because it is. Badly cobbled together assumptions, fundamental errors, and rank ignorance are important debating tools for the limited thinker whose mind is closed.

The case for a New Zealand republic sets out the main arguments for why New Zealand should become a republic. They fall into three categories:

Independence — New Zealand should have a New Zealander as the head of state;
Nationhood — the constitution and head of state of New Zealand should reflect New Zealand’s national identity, culture and heritage;
Democracy — New Zealand should have a democratic and accountable head of state.

I’ve already demolished the “Independence” argument that New Zealand should have a New Zealander as the head of state. In this post, I’ll take a look at the Republicans’ argument that the constitution and head of state of New Zealand should reflect New Zealand’s national identity, culture and heritage, under the heading “Nationhood”.


“The case for an independent republic of New Zealand is summed up in one word — nationhood. It is a statement to the world and ourselves that New Zealand is a mature nation, that we possess a constitutional framework that best suits New Zealanders.” — Michael Laws, Mayor of Wanganui.

Well, according to the Republican Movement of Aotearoa New Zealand, the case for an independent republic of New Zealand is actually summed up in three words — independence, nationhood and democracy. So why quote Michael Laws—of all people—if you consider him not even half right? Last I heard, Laws was claiming that the city of which he is mayor does not possess a name that best suits New Zealanders. His opinions on what constitutional framework best suits New Zealanders are surely tendentious.

New Zealand is a unique, dynamic and diverse country. New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements, national symbols and head of state should reflect this.

There’s no argument here. Just the assertion that New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements, national symbols and head of state should reflect the fact that New Zealand is a unique, dynamic and diverse country. Why should New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements, national symbols and head of state reflect this? And how? It’s unclear.

A republic affirms New Zealand’s sense of nationhood

“We exhibit symptoms of retarded nationhood: a widespread insecurity about what others think, a search for applause and endorsement by visitors; and, conversely, a begrudging willingness to extend applause here at home.” — Simon Upton former minister and National MP.

I frankly confess, in my teen years I used to exhibit symptoms of retarded nationhood. I felt insecure about what others thought of me and sought applause and endorsement by visitors. If the young folk of today can be spared the terrible angst I endured simply by promoting Dame Susan from Governor-General to Head of State, then I must be all for it. But I remain skeptical.

Becoming a republic and electing New Zealand’s head of state will foster a deeper and more sophisticated sense of nationhood. It will clarify to New Zealanders, and to the world, what New Zealand stands for.

What do you stand for? Republicanism can help you answer this important question. Perhaps you have some idea but you’re not clear. Or perhaps you’re just shallow and unsophisticated. What you need is to wake up one day to find yourself living in a republic, and everything will come swimming into focus. You will carry on living as before, but now with a deep sense of nationhood.

How New Zealanders understand their place in the world is crucial to New Zealand’s success in an increasingly globalised world.

We’re a small nation of 4.5 million people in the South Pacific. It helps to know that.

New Zealand excels in sport, in its human rights record, in business and in the arts. New Zealand’s constitution lags behind these achievements.

New Zealand’s constitution lags behind Nathan McCullum’s dismissal of England’s Joe Root at Trent Bridge. Does that even make sense?

Our current constitutional arrangement causes confusion overseas as to whether New Zealand is linked to Britain, or whether it is part of Australia.

I think overseas confusion over whether New Zealand is part of Australia is caused by ignorance of the geography of the South Pacific, not by our current constitutional arrangement.

We send conflicting messages about who we are and what we stand for.

I don’t think I do. Perhaps the author is using the “royal” we. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

The debate and discussion around becoming a republic affirms the values that are important to New Zealanders. It will promote discussion about New Zealand’s history and future. It will clarify the values we all see as important. Becoming a republic will be a celebration of New Zealand’s unique culture and heritage.

No, it won’t. New Zealand is a bicultural nation. While many Maori (and, indeed, non-Maori) go to strenuous lengths to preserve Maori culture and heritage, many Pakeha seem hell-bent on severing all connection with their own. New Zealand originated as a British colony. Becoming a republic will be a deliberate repudiation of our colonial heritage and cultural past which has its roots in Great Britain, Ireland and Europe.

It will demonstrate New Zealand’s confidence and independence and it will symbolise a shared sense of nationhood.

I’m going to close on a serious note here. The last time I read someone banging on and on about a shared “sense of nationhood” was when I read the opening pages of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. Let’s be clear. All talk of and nurturing of “nationhood” is thinly disguised fascist social engineering. There, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve invoked Godwin’s Law and completely and utterly demolished my own argument.

Feel free to name-call in the series of strange comments below. Diatribes welcome.

Banana republicans


Republicans are bananas!

New Zealand Republic is the website for the Republican Movement of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Let’s check out the case for a New Zealand republic.

(But first, check out the Republican Movement’s logo above. What is it? A stylised letter ‘R’? A misshapen black nodule? Or a badly drawn smiling frog-face? Whatever it is, our people do not want it disgracing our national flag.)

The case for a New Zealand republic sets out the main arguments for why New Zealand should become a republic. They fall into three categories:

Independence — New Zealand should have a New Zealander as the head of state;
Nationhood — the constitution and head of state of New Zealand should reflect New Zealand’s national identity, culture and heritage;
Democracy — New Zealand should have a democratic and accountable head of state.

In this post, I’ll take a look at the Republicans’ argument that we need a New Zealander as the head of State, under the heading “Independence”.


New Zealand will not be fully independent until we have a New Zealander as head of state. New Zealand likes to think of itself as an independent country. However, it cannot objectively be argued New Zealand’s current head of state represents this.

Never mind the head of state. New Zealand will not be fully independent while half of its citizens are dependent on state welfare. That’s a much bigger problem to address.

As the United Kingdom’s one-time head of state, Margaret Thatcher, once said, “there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first. It’s our duty to look after ourselves and then, also to look after our neighbour.” How are we to look after our neighbour when we, ourselves, are reliant on government largesse? New Zealand society will never be independent until such time as its men and women and families are no longer reliant on state welfare handouts and “tax breaks”.

Add to this the fact that the New Zealand’s external debt is the vicinity of $90 billion dollars. We have a long way to go before we can declare our financial independence from foreign lenders.

A republic means a New Zealander as head of state

“Is New Zealand to continue to have an appointed Governor-General… or should we move to an elected president? This will not happen because of any lack of affection or love for our Queen in London, but because the tide of history is moving in one direction.” – former Prime Minster Jim Bolger.

Do we really want someone like Jim Bolger as our head of state? Or Margaret Thatcher? Or John Key?


I’m not a stalwart royalist like my mum, but I’m more than happy with the Queen. Next to spending time with my family, Her Majesty’s message is the highlight of my Xmas Day. (BTW, Happy Birthday Your Majesty!)

Our current head of state is not a New Zealander and does not represent New Zealand. When the Queen travels overseas, she does so in order to represent Great Britain.

The Queen works to strengthen British economic and political ties, and does whatever the British Government asks of her. In fact, whenever “our” head of state visits New Zealand, the Queen has to ask for permission from the British Government to leave Britain.

You have got to be kidding. She’s the Queen! Her subjects answer to her, she doesn’t answer to them!

If the Queen wanted to be a citizen of New Zealand, she would not meet the legal requirements to become a citizen. The Citizenship Act 1977 requires an applicant for New Zealand citizenship to have been resident in New Zealand for five years before citizenship is granted. The Queen has spent a total of no more than six months in New Zealand.

The Governor-General is not a proper head of state. While the Governor-General may increasingly act in ways that befit a head of state, the reality is that New Zealand is still not regarded as being fully independent of Great Britain. Appointing the Queen’s representative in New Zealand is inadequate. A New Zealand head of state will make it clear that New Zealand is an independent country. It will signal New Zealand’s independence and maturity to the world.

I’ll be honest. I don’t actually know who the current Governor-General is. And that’s exactly how it should be. A head of state so off the radar that only Wikipedia knows his or her true identity.

Deciding the rules for ourselves

In recent years, the British Parliament has attempted to amend the succession law. The problem is the Statute of Westminster 1931, the law which granted independence to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Oops! Looks like the Republicans just shot themselves in the foot. By their own admission, New Zealand has already been granted independence!

The Statute requires “consultation” on changes to the succession before any changes to the succession law. While this provision is not binding, it is still an important constitutional convention. The most recent attempt in 2008 failed for this reason: the British Government did not want to have to consult with all the parliaments of the Commonwealth realms. New Zealand’s Parliament could change the law of succession unilaterally, but that would go against the convention established by the Statute of Westminster. Change can only be enacted if the governments of all the 15 Commonwealth realms are consulted, probably by Britain. In a republic, the rules governing New Zealand’s head of state will be made solely by the New Zealand Parliament. They will change as New Zealanders decide they need to, not because of events in Great Britain.

Er, well, that’s it. Pretty lame, huh. (Part 1 of 3.) So far, I’m fully not convinced that New Zealand needs to become a republic. And, as I commented on Facebook yesterday

Why do we need “a New Zealand republic with an independent head of State.” I can’t think of a good reason. Change? Why change? Haven’t you people got more pressing concerns?

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

A call for civil (servant) obedience

People from the Crown Law Office have been reading this blog. Specifically they have been reading State rapes former Barnardos counsellor.

It’s not clear whether the Crown Law Office want the blog post taken down or whether they just intend to use its existence to try and deprive Johan (the former Barnardos’ counsellor) of his relentless advocate. I won’t explain more because an explanation might breach a suppression order (I think sometimes suppression orders are deliberately vague and not made in good faith).

You can read more about this on Chris Wingate’s blog.

I think it’s fitting to pay tribute to Johan’s relentless advocate Robert Lee who has spent thousands of hours at his own expense fighting for justice for Johan…

A message to those at the Crown Law Office –
You serve the Crown (the Queen) and she took an oath to cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all her judgements

Presumably you all took an oath similar to the following…

“I, [name], swear that I will well and truly serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors, according to law, in the office of []; and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of New Zealand without fear or favour, affection or ill will. So help me God.”

To truly serve the Crown and do your duty you need to betray your colleagues that defy the Law and cause injustice.